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  1. you need something like this? the grills too? the drivers?
  2. thanks guys! I have been trying a few different thing. 1) keeping the tweeter in the same place but on a piece of rock wool insulation. 2) raising it up and moving int around in different spots. 3) moving it to the front face above the elptitrac 1 and 3 are the best. 3 has been like that for 48 hours. I feel like because I'm not thinking about moving it its the best option. And yes I had to raise the whole top piece up 1 inch to fit the new horn.
  3. Any ideas or thoughts? I'm using ALK ES crossovers if that matters. I think they try to address the time alignment issues?
  4. maybe more hip hop than rap....but I listen to this yesterday on vinyl and was blown away at how it sounded. And I love the music.
  5. Sounds like a great oppertunity. You can always move back.
  6. I respect your respectfulness... and knowing and reading your post's for years from the other forums funny to think of you as a newbie here. Welcome. Coming from AC and my main hang out forum for years, i'm brainwashed by what i read there. And i assume what I read is the best and only way. My first 15 pairs of speakers were from forum sponsors. I also read and learn here. Not a lot of open baffle talk. I think that's how forums work the ones we frequent, well its our community. The people that hear horn loaded bass say it the best and the people that here OB bass say they will never go back. I find it hard to believe when people in the audio community don't know who Danny Richie and GR research. DIY and a Texan. He's a great contributor. With all that said... i'm back and forth with do I want horn or OB bass?!!
  7. Looking to sell my upgraded 1978 La Scala’s. I’d say they are in great shape. They have the Crites120 and the Deang modified aa crossovers. 1750$ I’ve had them since June 2019 with the upgrades soon after. Looking for a local ish buyer. Happy to deliver in a reasonable distance.
  8. Oh! I love test questions.... -6? right? My instinct said to go lower and I had been enjoying at -9 all evening. I think in his manual he says there is no right answer so to try different numbers. I will follow your suggestion and try -6 today. I was running the La Scala at 0 on the tweeter. I think my preference is to run a little hot. And my room is treated and more dead then alive sounding. And if I'm running external subs that could allow for lower attenuation as well? Thanks for helping me understand.
  9. dude they are running shoes! update.... So I never mentioned that I had only installed only one of the Kappa woofers and had the original in the other cabinet. Maybe I'm imagining it but the center image is so perfect now that both are installed. I'm into the first record. I guess i didn't think they were that different. Could that have an impact? on the over all sound stage?
  10. approaching the 24 hour mark.... Things have been much better. Like if i was at this point last night i probably would not have posted. the more aggressive toe in and time aligning the tweeter has helped. I'm sure i have all the problems @Chris A was talking about but at least they are familar sounding problems. The sound is much larger and i'm pretty sure I can improve on it.
  11. i if you look at my pictures the whole front wall, and both corners are covered in bass traps, and behind my listening position. I also have some at the first reflection points. They are from gik, maybe they use corning 703. I still prefer them pulled away from the front wall and side walls. if you are telling me that the sound stage and imaging will improve my moving them into the corners i'd be willing to try. I'm be more likely to take the swarm approach or a pair of dual OB subs. Maybe just because the other forums I read suggest that. IDK? i guess it all comes to to measuring to see what's best. thanks for the thorough explanation.
  12. thanks @ChrisA so much for taking the time to write all this. If i had belles and went to Lascala would a lot of what you said be the same? or if i went to a the bigger klipsch horn instead of the eliptrac 400? it sounds like I probably had a lot of these problems before, this is not just because i "upgraded? "And to your point the only way to tell is to take measurements before and after? The placement has made the biggest difference. They are basically in the same place as my La Scalas. i liked the idea of having a slightly less deep speaker to tuck them in a little but pulling them out from the walls give me more of the sound i'm used to. I have external subs. All of my Klipsch speakers i preferred away from the walls. I could never get rid of the boomyiness. And if i go active ALL of my problems go away?
  13. @Deang would my modified AAs from you work in this set up? just curious.
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