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  1. Recently I have been listening a lot of 2 songs both by female vocals, These are, in no particular order, Donna Summer - song 'I Feel Love'. Shannon - song 'let the music play' To me both have amazing vocals. If you listen to it and/if you know the songs I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.
  2. I currently have a Yamaha receiver so I run YPAO not Audyssey. I do use YPAO simply because I feel I don't know enough not to use it. My personal preference is setting Dynamic EQ off. For movies my personal preference is 'standard' mode. For music, the mode I have it on could vary depending on how it sounds to me.
  3. I am lucky enough to own a RC-7. To me it compliments my RF-35's very nice to complete my front stage excluding my SVS PB-1000. With my RC-7 I cannot see myself ever giving up on it, if anything it will give up on me first.
  4. fastpuce271

    What I Got Today!

    I love the look of this statue, i did not get it today per say but did get it very recently
  5. No No I think I know what it is.. is it a non shy plant trying to crawl into the picture.. ? Steel grate maybe?
  6. I always thought it was random three letters that just sounded Kool.
  7. This is another vinyl I recently brought.. loving it. Sorry for the blurry photo. I knew I should not have had that drink before I took the photo... 🍹
  8. This is what I got today and is now spinning on my turntable and i'm loving it. I am a HT type of guy that is loving music on vinyl at the moment. 👍
  9. I can not believe how much I am enjoying the whole turntable thing. I dont have much of a collection at the moment of vinyl, however what I do have i was in my late teens when I got most of them and I didn't handle them with too much care at that time unfortunately. Now I am treating them with so much care it is unreal. Amazing how I haven't put on white gloves on yet when handling them. lol However there was one I got as a gift and I did not give it much attention at the time. I was given the vinyl pretty much when it was first released. As it did not get much play time then, it is in immaculate condition and right now I have replayed it like 10 times already as to me it sounds phenomenal. such clear and beautiful sound. This record is well over 20 years old, I just cleaned the record, cleaned the stylus and had the record spinning with the stylus on it and wow. The picture is of this vinyl. If you ask me the after listening to this, what I am hearing right now, in my room with my gear the analog vs digital debate is a real one.
  10. thank you all so much for your kind words, stories shared and reactions. I am so happy I made the leap, again to vinyl from decades of a TT being absend in my setup. To me when playing music there is nothing like actually seeing the souce spinning around ona TT with a stylus on it and then hearing it the music on your speakers. I think it's fantastic. ☝️ I just need to buy a stylus brush to clean the needle. I have what I need to clean the records.
  11. First album I'm playing on this turntable is a what I think is an amazing one from an amazing artist from Australia. I have had this album stored away for decades and now it is back spinning and sounds amazing to me. Thank you for your inspiration and direction. I am loving the sound.. though I really have nothing to compare it to. Im so excited... Sorry for the bad photo i took, but too excited to take another.. lol Whoo Hooo!!!!
  12. I'm in the club now. I just brought myself a table. Pro-Ject Lygon Primary. I am so confused. I have no idea what I'm doing. lol.. Time to read the product manual. 😟
  13. I just brought record cleaner, antistatic cloth, record cleaning brush. All I need now is a player...
  14. haha i wonder what the "R" stands for in Klipsch Reference series.. My guess is "Reverberate"
  15. I could be getting a table tomorrow... could be...
  16. I love the drive ins, only problem for me is during certain times of the year how late the movie begins, sometimes the first movie is around 9pm... 9PM!!!!!!!!!! I'm normally asleep by then... lol 😴
  17. Lucille by Little Richard has always been on of my favorite songs of the rock and roll times.. 👍
  18. Don't ask.. I really cant tell you.. A long time ago, I found this between some of my records.. lol. I truly have no idea. Maybe someone didn't like the music 🙄 Maybe it was one hell of a party I wonder what song it was.. 😕 One thing for sure its spinning days are over.. Even more intriguing I wonder where the other 3 quarters are..
  19. OK, last pic for today, luckily because I really don't have much more to show.. lol...) Thank you all for your reactions and comments. Much appreciated. 👍
  20. One of my all time favorites.. For me this is where its at.. !!!
  21. I cant wait to spin this one...
  22. All i need is a turntable to spin this one
  23. Congratulations and welcome to the forum... Even the photo of the boxes looks great 👍
  24. HI Youthman, thank you for sharing, it must have been such an experience. and those subs... WOW.. I just finished watching the video and I think it is amazing what he has done to that room. The attention to detail I think is incredible. Wakejunkie is such as inspiration especially what you mentioned he has been through. Another great video Youthman. Well done 👍
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