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  1. It was a good start to the new week, I moved 2 doors into the basement, the ones from the kitchen and the bedroom. Instead I put very nice curtains in the door frames on tension rods, it looks great. Now all the rooms are freely accessible and the new apartment looks like an open loft. I also installed new lamps in the kitchen and the listening room. The new bed for the bedroom was also delivered last Saturday, so I no longer have to sleep on the air bed. Although I got used to it after more than 6 weeks, it's much better to sleep in the new bed.


    Everything is progressing, the apartment is getting nicer and nicer and I'm feeling dam´n good. My son will be visiting me soon, I'm really looking forward to seeing him, my daughter is still traveling the world and won't be coming to visit me until January 2024.


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  2. 6 hours ago, Islander said:


    You needed a heavier head shell?  You youngsters today are so picky.  Back when I was young, we'd just tape a heavy coin or two to the head shell.  No skipping then.  And we liked it!


    🤣, so true , as we were youngsters we didn´t took care about it because of missing aknowledgement , we didn´t knew so much things at that time , no we´re adult and learned a lot , so we know how to handle these things in order to do it right today .

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  3. 14 hours ago, KROCK said:

    Dirtbag, oh I mean dirtmudd (Thorens 125) & Me (Thorens) 126 & The mighty Dave (Linn). I can comment, being I have the both of 2 worlds...

    Ja sure , Sir @dirtmudd owns one , but do you see him spinning here ? 🥸and your´s 126 Thorens isn´t visible here as well , so far so good !

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  4. we had a rainy day today , after I finished my houseworks I started to spin some records ..


    thanx for the inspiration @Full Range




    next was Santana 3 ( Batuka )




    followed by Wishbone Ash " Front Page News "




    and after dinner I spun the german " Genesis " Triumvirat with " Illusion on a double dimple "




    now I´m done 😂


    btw , I reactivated my Audio Technica AT 7 V today . As it´s a hard complied cantilever it needs a heavy tonarm to perform on it´s best level, so I used a 15 Gram Headshell and a second counterweight on my MA 505 MK II Tonearm to get it work, I can tell you buddies ...it rocks ! 






    want to mention that I´m waiting for the deliverence from another famous cart , will tell you w/in the next few days, thought it arrives today, but it will be delivered early next week

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  5. 5 hours ago, KROCK said:

    Wanna bet?

    Direct drive to Belt drive. The difference can be heard.

    but ...as far as I know no one from owns a belt driven tt , so we´re experts 😅  except this little Linn Owner , what´s his name ? 🤣 but ..we can forgive @Dave1291 as he own the biggest record colletion 🥸

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  6. 12 hours ago, Invidiosulus said:

    I’ve cleaned the K-76 style diaphragms before by carefully removing the nuts that hold it together and then lifting the horn off, then for the diaphragm itself I dusted it very lightly with a soft paintbrush until the dust and fuzzies were gone.


    hope to see pics when you´ve finished you speaker project ☺️

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  7. 1 hour ago, Islander said:


    Somehow, that all-black treatment gives your turntable a sinister look.  I've got an SL-1210M5G, which has a silver tonearm and pivot assembly, and it looks more run-of-the mill, compared with the monochrome look of yours.  It does have the speckle black paint, though, so that's a different flavour of cool.


    It's funny how Technics can bring out a new turntable that appears to be mostly the same as previous models, and yet clearly sounds better.  Yes, the bronze platter and the new motor must play a big part in the improved sound, but the classic style is preserved.  If I listened to my LPs more often, I'd be looking at a 1210G myself.


    Happy spinning!

    That´s still their best ..the SL 1000 R , but over $ 16 K 🤑...without cartridges 😂



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  8. Well ..it´s 7. 15 am here , washing some laundry and had a green Sencha tee . Next is to wash the curtains in the sleeping room, they are new and still smell of residual manufacturing scents. The vapors causing a headdache at night.   Even the open window air circulation can´t prevent this. 


    It's just getting light outside, the birds are waking up. The sky is covered with gray clouds, later I will go shopping and wait for the mail, I bought a vintage pickupfor my tt in very good condition and think it will be delivered today. Time for the first coffee in the morning 

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  9. 4 hours ago, Full Range said:

    But I don’t have any Stones albums in the collection as the didn’t tickle my fancy in my youth 

    Me either , I like what they´re doin , but never had a wish to buy a record from them . Even if I would buy all their albums they ever produced , who cares 😂

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  10. 4 hours ago, Marvel said:

    We had two 60-70 foot oaks taken down a few years ago.. they were only about 8ft from the house and old enough that they were starting to lose branches. We are in a subdivision that isn't in the county and no woods connected to our propert - meaning we had to get rid of the leaves. I had about 40-50 large bags, so I would stuff a few into my Subaru Forester and take them to work. Since the college had a couple hundred acres or so, they let me dump them where they dumped all of their leaves, grass, trees, etc. It took a couple weeks...


    Not much hitting the yard now...

    think you were in the wrong thread 😂 , but it really doesn´t matter  😉

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  11. On 11/1/2023 at 5:22 PM, Invidiosulus said:

    26° this morning when I got the kids on the bus and we are supposed to have a high of 42° today.


    I think it was about 40° last night when we were out trick or treating.

    We hit up most of the shops in downtown and then headed over to the neighborhood next to mine and the kids made the rounds there before we headed to my buddies place for a Halloween party and to get warm.


    The eyepatch kept some heat from escaping my left eyeball.

    The kids all claimed they were plenty warm.



    as we got autmn here as well ....it´s much much greener here, trees still full of leaves at early november , well 5 kids , keeping you busy and active the whole day through....you can be a proud man

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