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  1. Dusty Hill memorial spin of Afterburner... Still remember the video of "Rough Boy" in the good old days of MTV...
  2. Recent Wiki: Gibbons confirmed that the band would continue with Francis, per Hill's wishes. According to Gibbons, "Dusty emphatically grabbed my arm and said, 'Give Elwood the bottom end, and take it to the Top.' He meant it, amigo. He really did."
  3. There are bananaplug-like connectors on Amazon for gear like Yours with clamp-connectors in the back. Just one example: https://www.amazon.de/Geflochtener-Bananenstecker-Audio-Buchsenanschluss-Lautsprecherkabel-korrosionsbeständig/dp/B08DMSR4KL/ref=pd_sim_1/257-1181642-6192829?pd_rd_w=5rzYz&pf_rd_p=904108be-63c8-423f-8039-eaaf91407844&pf_rd_r=209JWF1SXPVY2E14YGBD&pd_rd_r=b93919b8-c96c-4a6d-8099-80aa34a30def&pd_rd_wg=jY4wm&pd_rd_i=B08DMSR4KL&psc=1 That should get rid of fuzzy cable ends.
  4. I read about someone having his Heresys sideways but don´t remember the thread. A quick search found this: Last post, this thread: Maybe @moray james could tell You more about his listening experience?
  5. It´s not music, but it sounds awesome, maybe you Guys know it:
  6. First i wanted to anchor it by simply having the rods push onto the floor and ceiling, but found the rods to be too flexible still. Had to use four of these wall-ankers as well. Not the nicest sollution optically, maybe i will come back later and change this for something less obstrusive.
  7. The Billys couldn´t take ( it ) anymore... That is much better.
  8. Good to know. So i wasn´t wrong on only buying used vinyl once i get a TT. Hunting for old stuff in all kinds of shops is more fun anyway.
  9. I think, part of the answer is right there: Money & Power (Control of a medium.). Isn´t it easier to control fewer stations allowed to air digitaly than a bunch of more independent local stations? On the other hand, conjecture like this is on he border of conspiracy-theory...
  10. Dave, all we need now are horns for our KV55s! This will probably won´t come anytime soon, but it´s a nice thought...
  11. The 4311 was one of my options, someone beat me to it, so i went to my Marantz instead.
  12. I´m really tempted, my H1s being oiled walnut.... Dang, just got new fabric for my grills... Double-Dang!
  13. What about waranty? If the component failed and it You have handled it in normal fashion, i would contact Klipsch, even if your waranty has expired.
  14. I found myself in the same pinch as the OP about two years back. All the stuff i liked was above my budget. I talked to my local hifi-dealer and his advice was to go used. I don´t know if that is an option here, but if you don´t need the very latest features in your amp/ receiver... I got my Marantz that way and never looked back at wanting to buy new. Just my two cents.
  15. Welcome to the Forum! This is the place to keep Your Klipsch well fed and healthy.
  16. Those look beautifull, almost too nice to hide them in speakers.
  17. Welcome to the Forum! You have to decide if 84$ a piece is too much: https://www.ebay.de/itm/150494161745?hash=item230a26ab51:g:T~oAAOSwoydWqBd~ I´ve read on this forum that Midwest Speakers is a decent supplier. I hope You will/can bring those KG4s back to life.
  18. Great looking set-up, did the most with the space at hand!
  19. But it looks like we scared him away... And Gary put so much into his really good explanations.
  20. Welcome to the Forum! So You say the noise is moving with the speaker... I think, just to be sure, could You make a picture of the terminal with the wire connected?
  21. Concerning the topic, these collected works of Akira Ifukube sound pretty amazing on my system: https://www.discogs.com/label/1107972-The-Artistry-Of-Akira-Ifukube All the OSTs done by Joe Hisaishi are very detailed, imo.
  22. Aaah, Hamburgs new opera house. Supposed to have very good acoustics, so i´ve read as well. Haven´t been there yet. Only know the "Deutsche Oper" in Berlin, which is also good.
  23. The original sound is what Edgar is getting at, right? But since the OP never heard how the originals sounded, He may as well go with SWLs recommendation.
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