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  1. https://salem.craigslist.org/ele/d/salem-klipsch-studio-la-scala-speakers/7310912732.html Seems like a good deal. Also, what is the biggest difference performance wise between these and normal la scalas?
  2. Nice! I've always thought it would be fun to double stack them in my room! And then listen from down the block! 🤣
  3. This was not previously mentioned in the rest of the thread. Thanks! I have never set the bias on the St-70, the last tube amp tech I had check it out, reset it with the newer tubes I got for it. I'm running a NOS GZ37 and new Tung Sol El-34s and NOS RCA 7199 blackplates, in that amp right now. I will admit its a bit daunting to me to take this bias adjustment on, cause I don't want to ruin anything, but I also want to learn more about all of this, so I will find some time to try out what Bob Latino suggests The ST-35 doesn't have bias pots and James Burgess PP 45, this is what James told me There are no bias adjustments. It is set up so the AC(signal) balance of the phase inverter can be adjusted. This is only necessary when changing/replacing the 6SN7 tubes. All the tubes in the James Burgess are NOS and close matched. I listened to the PP 45 last night and ignoring the noise, the sound was divine. Thanks for your thoughts and help!
  4. So, should I look into placing some resistors across the speaker wire connects on the crossover? Would that help? But, Yeah, I guess I will learn to live with it.....for now..... Thanks for your help! 🙂
  5. Welp, I turned off every circuit in the house except the one that the stereo system is on and the buzz still persists. What's weird is that my SET amp doesn't have the buzz, it has a dull hum up close, but all of my push pull amps have this same buzz. Video attached of the sound from 3ft away from the speaker. Headphones are helpful to hear it, because of taking the video from my phone. 20210423_194609_2.mp4
  6. Limberpine


    I sent you a PM. I see you are close to me, I'm in Portland, OR.
  7. Yeah, that's a good idea. Maybe I will take both dimmer switches out too to see what difference it makes. The one that is on the same circuit certainly makes a difference when its turned off and it stays off whenever I am down there listening to music.
  8. I have a window this evening where I can shut down every breaker in the house except the one that the stereo system is on and see if that make a difference. If so, I will then document which breakers introduce noise as I turn each one back on and go from there. I have also added a Powervar hospital grade power conditioner/isolation transformer that I purchased for $60 from a guy here locally. I have the tube amps plugged into it and it has definitely cut some noise out which has been nice. Also as an aside, GIK has a really cool tool to draw your room out and then have them make a treatment plan from there. https://gikacoustics.roomle.com/t/planner/?mode=3D&id=a9v22dy7tc3ckls982o18sh2e08w73p&shared=1
  9. Limberpine


    Can you post some pics? People can weigh in on price after seeing them.
  10. If they were aestheticlly pleasing, I would buy them right now, cause it could replace the Cornwalls in the living room, which I am politely being encouraged to do because of their size. Then I gotta find a place for the cornwalls! 🤣
  11. Thanks! I wish I could even justify having a use for them. And it seems like they are a bit hard to resell cause nobody has picked them up yet.
  12. Which tweeters would you have to use and how much do they cost?
  13. Just came across this: https://skyfiaudio.com/collections/speakers/products/klipsch-cornwall-vintage-speakers-in-oiled-walnut-1977-survivor-pair Its at a shop, so I figured it would be more than out in the wild, but that seems like a ludicrous price for these? Maybe I'm missing something?
  14. Back! https://portland.craigslist.org/clc/atq/d/gladstone-klipsch-kp-way-pa-speakers/7305314388.html
  15. Well it will sit for awhile and then someone can get a sweet deal!
  16. Does anybody have an info on how hard it is to change out the tweeters on these? And what those tweeters might cost?
  17. Yeah, there seems to be a time later at night, when a lot of the appliances and lights are off that the music just opens up and I have a hard time discerning if its the electronics or the tube warm up time. I've thought about unplugging everything except the fridge and dishwasher and listening to see what its like then, but I would def need my GF to not be home, cause she wouldn't like that.
  18. Okay, I'm music only with the sub, so thats helpful. Thanks!
  19. Wow, that's a long wait. I am former to the utility industry and they are years out in bringing new lines to people to upgrade their power, so I bet this is in that same vein. Also, I feel like people get crazy with this stuff and wonder if their $150k system is 150x better than mine. Maybe I need to listen to a HIGH end system, but I have a hard time believing that it's THAT much better.........
  20. Pics attached. I bought them in Portland, OR. Condition was really good. Couple scratches and just a teensy bit of the bichbplywood peeling on one back corner.
  21. As a data point I bought my LS1 for $1000. I would certainly call thay price an outlier though from the prices I have seen since purchasing them.
  22. An audiophile once told me that making sure your feetsies are nice an toasty allows you to get deeper into the music with intent and focus! They had a different pair of socks they used for listening to each different amp! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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