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  1. Via Spotify through my iMac/Schiit Modi3+/Fisher 440T/Klipsch R-610f.
  2. You did not buy their crossovers. You had them build some to your specs w/o stating what parts you wanted. You f'd up by assuming. Continue to do that and the results will be similar. No getting around that.
  3. You asked for a non standard item. He built as you asked. By your admission you were told he'd have to order "non standard parts" to accomplish what you asked for. He delivered on time. Do they work? if not there's a problem. Otherwise you got what you asked for. If you want it changed pay the man. I'd install and listen with an open mind to ascertain if they're what you want or not. Don't beat the guy up for doing what he was asked to do.
  4. Please don't delete. This is enlightening to me. I know squat in this arena so I'll take anything I can get.
  5. No? I'm shocked they lasted long enough to be found and posted.
  6. She doesn't appear awfully happy about it.
  7. Man wish I hadn't missed that one.
  8. I find it easier to host offsite and link. I use Smugmug but it's a pay site. Being that I've never had any problems with it whatsoever.
  9. Boy did this one go off track.
  10. Nah...I'm not a lawyer either.
  11. Oh I've nothing against marriage. Just watched my parents argue for decades over nothing and stay together "for the kids." Cousins,sisters and other family marry repeatedly after each failure. Just thought it would be senseless to join that parade. Came close once and she left me for......not even another guy....drugs. Happy? On occasion.
  12. Nope. Never married. I have a buncha motorcycles $800 fishing rods and cameras.....lots of cameras........lenses.....guns.....figured out when I was a teenager marriage just wasn't something I'd be into.
  13. Well after gazing at that I will need a winning lotto ticket. For the speakers and the building to put them in.
  14. Only worrisome when a birthmark on the first born male child's head. If you subscribe to these things.
  15. Ebay isn't a fair comparison. Ranges from above average to insane all the time. Worth it? Nah...
  16. Well maybe it's just the Heresy III. Which matters to me as those were the ones I was considering.
  17. Well I just went by the Upscale website and he's raised prices since yesterday. After all that crap. Screw that guy. I get the increases (even if I don't like it) however to go online and state "I'm disappointed in Klipsch" along with "They're holding on the increase" and then RAISE PRICES on Sept. 1st anyways? To make it worse I was looking at the Heresy III. An item he would have purchased at the lower price. Yet the price went up this morning anyways. Screw him and his company.
  18. You say they don't get the best results? And you say it took you 12 years? Who could afford that?
  19. No reason to wander around proving that. Refusing to tolerate brutish behavior is sensible. If you return the favor you're branded as (what does this mean exactly?) butt hurt. So what?
  20. To expect a corrupt system to deliver a death penalty (it's no deterrent) w/o prejudice is laughable.
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