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  1. I paid $550 for a pair of very clean H1.
  2. Yeah me too. I truly enjoy listening to them. Only negative I've seen so far is if the recording isn't good you will know quickly. I did add a Klipsch KG SW passive sub. Crisp clean bass w/o all that booming noise that appears popular these days. Yeah I'm old.
  3. In my experience with world champion motorcycle racers if you do not think you're better than the other guys.....well you are right. Can lead to some arrogance. Not to mention what that kind of income and access to recreational drugs can do to a personality. On his passing I'd give him a pass on being a dick in the past. I've done it you've done it but no one cares about us.
  4. School's out.....like no class.
  5. R.I.P. and thanks for the great music.
  6. I believe the high bypass is key to it complimenting the mains. The sound is just so full. My listening volume has crept up a bit. You should hear Primus!
  7. @indvidiosulus Ah eating some sodium on occasion isn't terrible. Just don't make a lifestyle out of it.
  8. geezin'

    What I Got Today!

    Got this yesterday....
  9. I picked this up yesterday from forum member pollyoscar3722. Great transaction BTW. Held it for me until I found time to travel a bit. Someone else asked I do a review of it when I get it. I'll make an attempt at brevity. Here goes. The system it's attached to is:Fisher 440T with 500T output (30+ watts?) and rebuilt-Schiit Modi 3+(the real surprise for me)-Wiim Mini streamer feeding '79 Heresy 1 all OEM and the KG SW also OEM as far as I can tell. I began by positioning it in between the Heresy off to the left with ports facing me. The system is about 12-13 feet away from the speakers so I had to scavenge speaker wire from everywhere to make it work as it's passive and everything runs through the sub. At first I had the sensitivity on high. Too much for me so I changed it to low. Then I listened to everything. Carly Simon,Emerson Lake and Palmer,Crack The Sky,Macy Gray,Diana Krall,Little Feat,Dire Straits....I mean everything. Even listened to the Telarc recording of Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overturn by the Cincinnati Philharmonic with the cannons.For about 5-6 hours. Then this morning I listened to Dark Side of The Moon. Because I know it. At least I thought I did. It was a different collection. I heard things never noticed. It's just what I sought. A way to fill out the range of the system without muddy sloppy noise that passes for....oops nevermind. It seems to have eased the load on the Heresy woofer allowing it to do what it does better. The whole soundstage seems bigger in all dimensions and spacious. Bass is brought forward without being forward. It is crisp clean and integral to the music as it was meant to be. For now I'll just listen where it is then maybe I'll change position. I did turn the ports away from listening position but it lost the speed it had. Hope this makes sense to anyone who reads it. This system is my introduction (at 63) to this level of sound quality. I thought my stuff in the '70s was good. Don't mean to gush but this sounds so good I'm afraid to screw with anything. Think I might be done for awhile. I'm surprised the Fisher is as good as it is.
  10. He's no audio fan. Just a common thief.
  11. geezin'


    I'd love a pair of those for summertime outdoors.
  12. geezin'

    What I Got Today!

    Got a Wiim Mini streamer yesterday. Damn thing just about set itself up. Sound improvement over my iMac is considerable when running through my Schiit Modi3+.
  13. It gets better. Bought a Wiim Mini streamer. Running it through my Schiit Modi 3+ into the Fisher. Dayum. A significant improvement over my iMac. I knew it would get better 'cause the Mac is only good for 96/24 and the streamer is good for 192/24. Really didn't think it would be as big a move but it is. Sat down to listen to a song and didn't get up for an hour and a half. Oh and the hiss is gone too. Now to figure out why the turntable has begun making noise. Never ends does it? Cannot wait to get the sub.
  14. You can use the Schiit SYS or one of their headphone amps provided you're not in need of many inputs.
  15. Were you able to hear a significant difference? And thanks for the tip.
  16. Was wondering that about mine. Might get around to sealing it,might not. I do know that my normal listening level has crept up a bit.
  17. My Heresy have Crites Slant Risers installed. They helped a good bit.
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