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  1. You know the drill no pics it doesn't exist. 😁
  2. Close..............1980 YZ465 w/1982 YZ490 forks. Da beast from the east.
  3. Well I am typing this on an iMac.............although residing in West Virginia I hail from Maryland. And SNL hasn't been funny in decades.
  4. So that's why I've never owned a TV. Thanks for the reminder.
  5. Nope just a white 2020 FLHR with a police solo installed. And then....................
  6. Thanks. Just curious. Do you need a lot of room for them?
  7. Congratulations. A fitting reward for what was surely a lot of hard work.
  8. Yeah rub it in...........I had the money in my pocket too.
  9. For me first a pair of Heresy. Then a pair of Belle. or maybe Belle then Heresy. Depends on timing and funds.
  10. Sure. I grew up farming and cows smell pretty ripe. They must bathe them a lot.
  11. My first Modi3+ went south after a few weeks. They attempted to help me sort it out then sent me a return authorization and shipped me a new one. All is fine after a few weeks listening to the new one. I'm new to streaming so no comparisons can be made. But running from my iMac/Modi3+/Fisher 440T/Klipsch R610f sounds wonderful to my uneducated ears. I'm happy with it and the company. Will consider them first when component shopping. In fact I do believe I'll eventually own a Schitt Sol TT.
  12. As I really didn't expect to live this long (men in my family rarely make past mid 40s w/o heart attack/stroke/diabetes) the surprise would be I'm alive. Not complaining mind you.........
  13. 80%. I'd like a nicer turntable and a pair of Heresy I but we're good for now.
  14. Oh go ahead and rub it in..............
  15. Incoming PM.........check yer inbox.
  16. Are you serious? I certainly hope not 'cause that a dismal point of view. Must be an awful way to see things. That's coming from a confirmed misanthrope.
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