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  1. that, and the fact that CRT's are usually as big as a coffee table. can't beat the size of LCD/DLP's...i can live with the black levels but don't like all the adjusting and tweaking a CRT needs on a routine basis. i mean how can you go wrong spending 900-1200 on pj that will show a great picture...sure it isn't perfect, but i don't see that i will get my money's worth spending 7000 on a pj...
  2. yep, about everytime my wife is gone and i want to watch something at theater and above levels, i adjust. funny how things like the balance b/t fronts or surrounds need adjusting. maybe one time all are fine, next time, the right is 2-3 clicks high.... i think it has to do with where you sit, your pillows on your couch, and if your cat happens to be in the room at the time of measurement. i noticed when checkin some of the higher freqs for my mains that when the cat walked thru the room, i would see 5-9 dB drops/peaks occur.
  3. ha ha ha i just caught my error...i read cluless' thread earlier about an evil thread (porn link) and it's removal. later when i came across this thread i though the mods removed the "bogus" website that craig posted... sorry craig, but still amusing how we can still link craig's post to porn...
  4. it has been hard to resist, i am at 195 posts (counting this one) and i am wondering what happens at 200. it has been hard not to make a bunch of posts, but as you can see...i have folded.
  5. wow, i never imagined a 60 yr old newbie from Lock Haven, Pa. would post a link to a pornography site. perhaps it was his meddling grandson? maybe a naughty spouse? or perhaps he lost his password like avman has been known to do...
  6. no more cats!!! i am toilet training them currently...one is done, the other...well i makes me wonder if this training is worth it or not. Wardsweb, are they the 2 black boxes in the lower corners underneath the wood and black monolithic structures??? looks like a setup from the cia in the 70's with the tape reels
  7. picky, isn't that the toe nail fungus guy? lamasil's mascot? ...filthy drug companies... -reformed drug rep
  8. lol chops, i was thinking to myself as i checked out your system, "that is probably what my setup would look like if i wasn't married" the kitty-proofing w/masking tape is nice. i am lucky my 2 cats don't mess with the components much.
  9. another thread in "general questions" brought this up just a few days ago titled: Isn't Klipschorn copy protected? should have been "aren't..."
  10. curious, peak to peak vs linear? what is the difference in terms. Thanks for the 30 sec education
  11. that would be too easy and fair if they listed the retail prices you have to go to a dealer to get $$ every dealer sets their own price...some high, some low. that way the dealer can make some $$$ being the middleman and pay their franchise fee.
  12. well, as far as cost, svs wins hands down. performance, well again i vote svs, but it depends what you are looking for. i am 95% ht and wanted ground trembling bass that went down to the 20hz range. from what i heard from testing the rsw line and all the members attesting to svs, i went with svs. after i got to hook it up, i knew that the rsw line couldn't have done what the 20-39pc+ does down low. as far as the differences between the two svs subs, it isn't a huge difference, more in subtle range difference. most folks probably would never realize that there is a difference due to the low freqs or spls that you would be reaching to display these differences. (wow, i said differences a lot) as far as music "punchy-ness" i can't say too much as that has not been a factor for me. i like the way the 20-39 sounds with music, but it definitly shows it's muscle in dvds...as they are going to contain lower freqs than most music. i have never thought..hmm my svs isn't punchy with music. the rsw wasn't a good price or performance fit for me. looks great, but didn't have what i wanted in my ht needs. what helped me what that i ranked my needs in order or weight and it was an easy solution to go svs. it compliments the references very well. hope this helps somewhat.
  13. burn-in : the process that occurs when lighting your crack pipe, usually 2-10 seconds
  14. wow, that is the second thread in the last few days or so that I was following that got the axe. i am missing what finally causes the mods to pull the plug on these threads...can anyone tell me? i used to not even think about posting, but now i wonder what is "over the line" so that i am not the reason for the "axe effect"
  15. oh man, are klipsch's reference line "digital" speakers???!!!! man, i don't want my klipsch's anymore...these speakers are sweeeet! what was i thinking...buying non-digital speakers... --forum sucker
  16. yep, i bought mine without ever hearing it. if you knew me, you would know how uncommon that was. i read so many reviews and the sheer lack of negative feedback told me it was a safe buy. if this is your first "real" sub buy...it will be waaay exciting for you. good luck!
  17. it wasn't about sounding better...it was demand from customers. svs apparently got a lot of requests for a box line. some folks don't like a 30" tube in their ht room. your room size and layout will make or break your sub. (a huge room may need more sub than a small one) best advice is to email svs sales/support. tell them your spending limit, room size/dimensions, major openings to other rooms, listening levels/habits etc. and usually tom or someone will reply back within the day. search the board for svs and advice. i bet you won't find someone who says "svs tried to oversell me" or "their customer support is bad" they were essential to my sub decision
  18. well in sound quality - it depends on the driver (somewhat) in sound level, depends on enclosure and driver this can become a very involved discussion on the whole speaker line. (isd vs db12 vs ultra) and then throw in the different enclosures and you got yourself a confusing situation. i would suggest telling us what type of box and cylinder you were considering. (like a 20-39pc+ cylinder vs the pb2+ box) that would lend direction this question.
  19. ahh ha! so we are on the "ebernet" now....should have guessed. now i just have to find gore's house and that plug...which i assume is quite large.
  20. ---------------- On 3/23/2004 5:01:02 PM Rdmarsiii wrote: I just have two Mustangs. I am sorry if I offended any one. ---------------- that's it!!! i have been offended the last time by this cursed forum. i say shut this forum down...no wait....shut the INTERNET down!!! who knows where the internet building is? i bet new york. i think i may lodge a formal complaint against the internet's owner...who is that? gates? trump? saddam? kain? (the follwing comments were not meant to offend or attack any persons and were made by the forum idiot) edit: just occured to me.."catty cornered" hmmm, i use that word often but never thought about the spelling/origin. anyone?
  21. i am a flagrant punctuation violator and have seen how USING ALL CAPS IS IRRITATING TO MOST but what about no caps at all?? should i change my deviant ways and come back to the shift key? just wondering...
  22. ---------------- On 3/22/2004 5:40:09 PM Rdmarsiii wrote: I have pics of the Vipers, but do I need to blot the license plates out just in case? And no, no glue or snap here... ---------------- i don't mean to sounds nasty, but i have pics of ferrari's and bentley's...i could even photoshop myself in the car or beside it....but it doesn't mean i paid some serious $$$ for them. 3 vipers? 3 colors? i am just saying you are going to have a hard time proving that one.
  23. ---------------- On 3/21/2004 6:04:31 PM Rdmarsiii wrote: Yes. As a matter of fact, I have three. 2 red and 1 silver.... And I am also building that 1992 Mustang. ---------------- i used to own a corvette stingray...i think it was early '80's ?? not too sure, but it was a snap together so the wheels would always fall apart. i actually still own it (somewhere in my attic). i now own a M1A1 abrahms main battle tank...but i haven't put it together yet...it is glue and it is on a shelf in my garage. the army wouldn't let me keep my old 1:1 scale M1 anyway.
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