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  1. I’m new to the forum! I’m helping my parents downsize to a smaller place and Dad is ready to part with the Klipschorns he bought in the late 70s - he recalled it was 1978. I don’t know much about vintage speakers, but I’m happy to provide pics and look for any identifying info on the units. The speakers are in Shreveport, LA. I’m still researching pricing, but we’re taking offers. Thanks! UPDATE 26 April 2024: The Klipschorn Hive Mind has spoken and says that they are from 1980. The speakers are still available and still in Shreveport, LA. I still don't know how to price them, so feel free to make your case if you would like to make an offer. My music producer friend in Austin said he would expect them to go for $16k - note that he's not asking to buy them, but has generously offered to store them at his house if needed. 🤣 I'm trying to do some research on pricing, but finding it difficult. IMG_1432.HEIC
  2. Hi there! I'm helping a friend of mine, he has a very nice pair of vintage klipschorns (I'm pretty sure they're late 1970s - early 1980s) he's thinking of replacing capacitor on his ak2 crossovers just for mids and highs. Everything still original on his speaker, capacitors, wiring, tweeters, mids, etc. I'm well aware of the fame ak2 crossover has, at this moment he doesn't have the money to buy new crossovers. My question is, is it worth it replace caps? Am I going to hear a noticeable improvement? I told him he could replace the wiring and tweeters diaphragms ( it helped me on my khorns) I want to hear you guys thoughts and make the right decision. Thank you in advance Edwin
  3. Hi there! I recently upgraded my Klipsch Chorus ii with a nice pair of Khorn! I'm the third owner, the original owner upgraded the crossovers and tweeters with B&C tweeters and A crossovers. I was under the impression Khorns should use ak-3 crossovers. Am I missing something? Should I upgrade to AK-3 crossovers? Not sure if I'm getting the best of my speakers with A crossovers. Any advice will be greatly appreciated ! Thanks in advance. Ed
  4. Hello everyone, For those who are interested, I am unfortunately parting ways with my Dad's speakers because of their size I cannot move them with me into my new condo. Starting with the first pair which are the Klipschorns my dad purchased them from the original owner in 1984 and were made in 1977 based on the serial numbers. The Serial Number stickers are on both pairs of Klipschorns as well. The only replacement parts on the Klipschorns are a pair of Bob Crites Crossover's which I installed them back in 2016 other than that they are in original condition and in excellent working order. The second pair which are the La Scala's my dad purchased back in the early 2000's again same as the Klipschorns my dad purchased them from their original owners. Both pairs of La Scala's are in original condition and in excellent working order. The Serial Number stickers are on both pairs of La Scala's as well. I will list the info, serial numbers etc below as well as contact info for those who are interested. I am asking $5,000 for the Khorn pair & $5,000 for the LaScala pair or best offer. I currently live in CT, but for anyone interested in the tri-state area or on the east coast this is your chance. If anyone outside of the northeast area is interested, I will work with you regarding shipping. I know these loud speakers aren't for sale that often, and both pair's would be an excellent edition to your home theater setup so that you can enjoy them as much as my dad and our family have enjoyed them over the years. Thanks, Jeff P.S. Feel free to contact me via email for more info, or pictures at durkinj56@gmail.com Klipschorn: Type: KBWO Serial: 10R518, 10R519 La Scala: Type: LS-BL Serial: 8511790, 8511791
  5. Lets face it: prices on heritage Klipsch speakers have gotten out of hand. I have 2 pairs that could sell for triple what I paid but I didn't buy them to make money so I will continue to enjoy them and maybe improve them instead of moving up the food chain because I cannot afford to. Its a free market so whatever someone is willing to pay dictates value.
  6. Hi gang, First time poster. Thanks for being here. I just went and looked at a pair of Klipschorns (1990, type B, oiled oak). They are in amazing cosmetic shape aside from a few minor nicks - original wicker grilles... all original K-55-M squakers, K-77-M tweeters, and AK-3 crossovers. They were sitting in the middle of a small room side-by-side hooked up to a crappy Yamaha A/V receiver and a JBL active subwoofer??! They sounded pretty awful. I turned off the subwoofer and tried to remove all of the DSP from the amp (don't think I was 100% successful) enough to verify that the tweeters/squakers/drivers were all functional. The only music source I had for the demo was unfortunately over-processed FM radio. I'm aware of the fact that when I get them home and put them in the corners they will sound better and have increased bass response. The current owner said he inherited these from his neighbor 2 years ago when he moved, and exclaimed "they don't make these anymore", and "they CRANK". My longterm goal would be to tri-amp them with active 3-way crossovers and possibly replace some of the diaphrams. He says (true or not) that a guy is coming on Sunday with cash, so I have only a short time to decide. He's $1500 firm for the pair. What do you all think... should I go for it? - Justin
  7. I placed an order for Al's extreme slope crossovers for my Khorns and am waiting in the queue. After ordering I noticed a statement on his web site that these crossovers work best at concert level listening. That statement left me wondering what constitutes concert level listening? A front row seat at a Grateful Dead concert or a mid section seat at an orchestra performance? My volume levels vary depending on the type of music I am listening to and if my wife is out. I've heard the horns play at 50w and that is borderline painful, usually I am at a watt or two of amp output which fills my house with sound. Any thoughts?
  8. I’ve got 1992 AK-3 klipschorns. I’ve had them for about 2 years and never been completely happy with the sound. The upper range sounds a bit bright and harsh to me. I’ve swapped out amps and am now actually using a biamped configuration with a decware “Rachel” powering the squawker and tweeter and a parasound a23+ the bass bins. I’ve tried each of those on their own as well as an adcom 555ii on its own. I’ve used digital EQ (not analog) and this helps tame the beast. I haven’t done digital room correction. But I am now using a active dsp to apply EQ and split the frequency crossovers for bass and upper in the line level preamp signal. Are there good 3rd party options to improve the sound? I’ve been doing a bit of reading and of course everyone has a different opinion. Some love the mid driver & horn while others really believe it’s inferior. I ran across the person selling a build your own Eliptrac 400 2-inch elliptic wood tractrix replacement horn. Would this MDF horn really offer an improvement on its own with the existing driver? There is also a modifier you need to attach it to the driver. This sounds a tad “clugey”. Has anyone swapped the horn out? Are there any other horn or driver/diaphragm options? Are there any crossover changes upgrades I can and should make noting that I’m still using the upper speaker level crossover to divide between the 2 upper drivers.
  9. Hi there, I need help valuing and selling these two Klipschorn speakers. Serial numbers 6M508 & 507 is what I located on the back (pictures below). I am not sure where to sell and I need an estimated value to sell these. Would appreciate any input from the experts out there! I know these are some good ones. We had four, but two were stolen unfortunately many years ago. Thanks everyone, Perrin
  10. Need to downsize and find a new home form my circa 1985 Khorns (oak/cane grills). Single owner; still sound great; cabinets and grills in perfect condition. Also have a matching Heresy II for anyone interested in creating the Paul Klipsch center channel experience. $1800 for the package. Buyer must be able to pick up from North Miami-Dade County, FL. PM if interested.
  11. I think it's one of the most beautiful of the veneers.
  12. Just gauging opinions on using a vintage Crown D-75A to drive the top end of bi amped Klipschorns. I have access to one I can purchase cheap enough to have it gone through and upgraded as necessary as I know it has some age, but then so do I! Thanks in advance for your input. Opinions have varied wildly (as I expected) in other forums. I anticipate more rational responses here!
  13. UPDATE: These speakers are under deposit. If/When sale is complete, I will mark them "sold." I have just listed my Klipschorns on U.S. Audio Mart: https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649648153-1976-klipsch-klipschorn-speakers-consecutive-serial-s-brand-new-type-aa-crossovers-tweeters-and-squa/ -- see that listing for details and pictures. In that listing, I offer to replace, as needed, any tweeter and/or squawker driver(s) that may be worn out (though all the drivers sound to me like they're working fine). But instead of this modest guarantee (worth no more than $210 to replace with same from CritesSpeakers.com), as a gesture of my appreciation to the members of this forum, I am instead offering a 15% discount off the top of the asking price of $2,875: that works out to $2,443.75 for Klipschorn speakers (must have already been a member of this forum as of this past Thursday, 8/20/2020). Pick up only. I live in Easthampton, Massachusetts. PM me if interested.
  14. This is long so please bear with me. I’m tackling a big project in salvaging my Klipschorns from top to bottom. I wrote two people that I have come to find out produce crossover upgrades. I will start with my email to them and follow with an answer from each. What I’m looking for, is I have NO experience with either of these two shops and hope to run into those who have who can shed some light in which way to go. I sent this to ALK Engineering and Critesspeakers.com. They were both nice enough to reply the following day. Again, I know it’s long and really appreciate your help! ------------- Hello, In searching out new crossovers for my Klipschorns I ran across your website. I bought my speakers in 1977 and have moved them around the country with me. In 1987 I updated the crossovers from Klipsch and have done nothing with them since. Five years ago I moved into a new home where there was no place to place them. I was going to build a room in an outbuilding but that has yet to materialize until now. As you can see from the picture, everything is a mess. The storage garage they were in had a flood and while they were untouched by the water themselves, the humidity did a number on them. And there were rats. I love these speakers and they have served me well and when I put them in storage five years ago they, in my ears, were flawless. Now, about me. I’ve been in radio / audio all my life. I do voiceover work and I deal with sound all day, every day. At 60+ years old, I don’t know how much of my hearing is diminished. I do know that I love audio, clear, clean audio and I get a great deal of enjoyment out of reproduction as close to the source as possible. With that being said, I am going to go through these speakers meticulously, wet sanding the walnut, cleaning out the insides and replacing what needs to be replaced. Some guys are audiophiles beyond what I think they can actually hear and I don’t want to go that route, but I do want to get the most accurate and homogenous sound that I am able to appreciate with these speakers. I know this is a long email. Short answers are fine. With what I’ve described both with what you see and my personal information, what would you recommend. Thanks! Rick Riley ------- Reply from ALK: I am not sure what effect humidity has on a speaker, but it certainly isn't good! In any case, the crossover needs to be upgraded since all Klipsch crossover are poor designs to begin with! The AP12-AK3 and ES5800 is a good choice. You might pop the woofer hatch to see the condition of the woofer driver cone. Humidity might not be so good for a paper cone. I doubt any serious damage to the K55 or K77 though. -------- Reply from Critespeakers.com: Rick, The upgrade you did in 1987 actually created some future problems you would not have had without the upgrade. The upgrade to the AK-3 also made the Khorn essentially non-user serviceable with all connections soldered and with part of the crossover inside the bass bin and the rest visible on the shelf. Originally, the Khorn was made with consideration for easy service with a terminal strip on the crossover and easy to connect terminals on all the drivers. Some of the problems created in the upgrade are not really the fault of Klipsch. They did not know the monster cable they used was poor quality and often after a few years you can see the wires turning green inside the clear insulation. They also did not know that the supplier of the midrange drivers would go bankrupt and no longer supply the drivers or any spare parts like diaphragms to repair them. When that bankruptcy happened, Klipsch went back to the exact same driver you replaced and still uses it even today in the new Khorns. And the AA crossovers you replaced with the AK-3 are still considered by many the best crossovers Klipsch ever built. My recommendations to you would be that you put them back to a condition where any future maintenance is easy again with the following parts. Pair of CT120 tweeters. These new tweeters go all the way to 20khz and are a lot smoother and cleaner sounding than the K-77. The best if the K-77 tweeters can only go up to around 15khz. Pair of Type A crossovers. The type A is a very simple crossover but many consider it the best sounding crossover. It has no tweeter protection and none is needed if you go to the CT120 tweeters. You can read about them here: https://critesspeakers.com/new-tweeter-replacement-for.html Pair of A-55G midrange drivers. These have only about half the distortion of the K-55 drivers and have a smoother frequency response. You can read about this new midrange driver here: https://critesspeakers.com/k-55-replacement-the-new-a.html You could continue to use the K-33E woofers you have if they are working well. If you do want to change them, we have our CW1526C woofers. These have a nice heavy cast aluminum frame and that frame does not drain off any magnet power like the steel frame you have now does and the effect is slightly better performance at the lowest frequencies. Prices would be: Pair of CT120 tweeters $225.00 Pair of Type A crossovers $210.00 Pair of A-55G midrange drivers $350.00 Pair of midrange horn to driver gaskets $2.00 Pair of CW1526C woofers $295.00.
  15. $3900. 1994 Klipschorns finished in black. All original. I am second owner. My new house is too small and these horns need a new home. I will upload some photos later today
  16. Hello everyone. Long time reader but my 1st time to post. I have a chance to pick up a pair of 1987 Klipschorns in excellent condition. I was wondering what the fair market value is on these? I just purchased a pair of ash black RF-7 III's brand new about a few months ago and absolutely love them. (Thanks in no small part to what I read on here and YOUTHMAN'S video reviews) But the Horns are kind of a "bucket list" thing with me. I heard my 1st pair back in the early 80's at a local high end audio store and was just totally in awe. I told myself then I would own a pair before I die. (I'm 55 now). Any info will be greatly appreciated. Mike
  17. I have a pair of factory shipping boxes and jigs or frames for the horn section tops. Located in Western NY State. Free to someone who can use them. 1998 build year. Shipping from zip code 14032.
  18. Just purchased my 1st pair of Klipschorn Kind of a barn find - older lady selling for sick ex-husband as he moves into a senior home. Test in an old house with cheap Sony amp and CD player. Not in corners, small room, but wood floor on a basement. They sounded amazing. Loaded them up drove 2.5 hours home hooked them up - they now sound terrible, no low end and muddy everything else. My space is in a finished basement, so concrete floors, with carpet and pad - 14 foot wall, with K-Horns in the corners. Ceiling is just under 8 ft and back of room is open - 28+ feet. Current system was driving a pair for Forte II's, and they sounded great. Working on posting some photos. Thanks for any help or advice in advance. Moit
  19. If this isn't a scam, I don't know what is. As they say, if it's too good to be true well, it is!
  20. Now this is what I call a Hum Dinger Price on Klipschorns! https://chicago.craigslist.org/sox/ele/6064310838.html
  21. Has anyone tried to enclose the back on their vintage K-horns like Klipsch has done with the new 70 anniv. edition K-horns??? .... also in a related subject, where can I get the 'rubber tubing' looking stuff that i see on some K-horns to 'seal' them into the corner of the room? Thanks all.
  22. Everything in place. Have to get some speaker wire and a couple of longer cables and they will SING! Also will make temporary false corners from plywood with hinges. Figure I'll commission them with a PWK recording, perhaps Flem Ferguson and his Dixieland Band from the 1956 KOSY-Texarkana studio session in 1956. Transferred it today and it is truly awesome. Dave
  23. Just watching a video about Adam Trombly (http://projectearth.com/about/adam-trombly), who was a friend of John Lilly (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_C._Lilly), staying at Lilly's house when diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer and 2-4 months to live, and in constant pain. An Iranian doctor suddenly arrives at the house, having been given a message during meditation to show up with a medical bag filled with Ketamine. As Adam lays on the floor of John Lilly's living room, "with my feet pointed between his two big Klipschorn speakers there..." (24:35) Ep 6 - Adam Trombly Recalls Stories of John C Lilly
  24. Paired set (11R713 , 11R714) I believe 1979 Klipschorn speakers in cherry. They are in good condition. Front veneer has a few chips as can be seen in the pictures, light scuffing at bottom toe plate, veneer on one of the speakers has slightly lifted or bubbled. The cloth is all in great condition and the speakers are loud as all hell. My father was the second owner and he said the previous owner had them in an old musty basement which would explain the slight lifting of the veneer (no odor). My father owned them for 15 years and has since passed. These are way too big for any application in my house. I have had them and used them for 5 years but prefer slimmer speakers that can blend in a little better, but these things are ridiculously loud and efficient. I had them on a McIntosh amplifier and they sound great. If you are familiar with these you will know the price is right. $1850 obo text at 815-530-3035 Chicagoland area, local pick up. They can be hooked up to listen too if wanted.
  25. Up for sale - a pair of AA crossovers. These are the original AAs from my ’75 Klipschorns. I dropped in a pair of ALK Universals a while ago, and originally thought I’d keep these ‘just in case’. I realize now that I don’t need to have a fallback for the Universals, so I’m letting these go. With an empty nest (second child is in college) and a few new projects on the near horizon, I am reluctantly starting to thin out my ‘extra’ toys in anticipation if the inevitable “let’s downsize” discussion with the wife. I will also be listing a few pairs of speakers in the near future. I can provide additional pics if requested. Asking $150 $125 plus shipping. SOLD Pending funds to Fjd.
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