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Found 24 results

  1. I just got my kplish promedia 2.1 thx speaker from newegg but when I connected all the wires and all the audio plugs my subwoofer only played the sound and none of my speakers were working. How do I fix this.
  2. I just set up my Klipsch speaker system I got from Walmart and although both my left and right speakers work fine, my subwoofer is not working. I have tried reseating the 9 pin serial connection and trying different power outlets as well as ensuring the subwoofer's knob is turned up where it needs to be. I have also tried to see if maybe using the AUX input would show any different results but this has sadly resulted in nothing as well. Does anyone have any suggestions on what's up?
  3. Hello Klipsch audio community, this is my first post here - actually I made an account specifically to ask about this topic, which has been mystifying me. I pick up multimedia speakers at my local thrift stores quite frequently, and Klipsch ProMedia speakers are a common sight (people seem to get rid of them because the pots on the control pods go bad). Usually I end up with a large number of ProMedia satellites with an odd mixture of subs and control pods, so I mix and match until I end up with complete systems, which isn't very difficult. I quickly noticed, however, that there seem to be a noticeable difference in tonality between some of the satellites - and the differences are often split between satellites from entire sets (for example, the 4 satellites I picked up from a ProMedia 4.1 set sounds noticeably brighter and louder than the satellites I found from an old ProMedia 2.1 set from the early 2000's). I know that companies often do iterative updates to their products' internal components, and I wanted a way to be able to identify the different satellite revision(s) so I can match them properly when I put together systems. After finding absolutely no cosmetic differences in the satellites' exterior, I decided to open them up... and what I discovered was a bit, well, surprising. In the photo attached below, you can see two satellites right next to each other. They look identical on the outside. Opening the first satellite, one can see a circuit board to handle the crossover. It appears to contain a capacitor, a resistor, and an inductor, pretty standard affairs for a crossover circuitry. Opening the second satellite, one finds that the entire circuit board to be missing. In its place is a single bipolar capacitor, manufactured by Bennic. My guess is that the first satellite is in fact the older version, because the circuit board is screwed onto two plastic mounts that, in the second satellite, are still present but unused. When I first started researching the topic, I came across an old discussion about the ProMedia 4.1, which was stated to have "improved crossover frequencies". Coincidentally, the first time I noticed the tonal differences in the satellites, it were ones from a ProMedia 4.1 system (containing the second version, with the single capacitor). I currently have 18 ProMedia satellite speakers on hand. I have opened up every single one, and found that 12 of them were of the second iteration, while only 6 were of the original configuration. So the "new" version has been around for a long while. I am not an electrical engineer, but a quick read on how crossover circuits work showed that inductors act as low pass filters (becoming more reactive as frequency increases), while capacitors act as high pass filters. The fact that the inductor and its companion resistor are absent in the "new" revision of the satellites likely means that the full-range driver is receiving the full spectrum of audio signal (minus whatever LFE that's sent to the subwoofer by the filter in the amp module), including everything that's meant for the tweeter. This may explain why these satellites sound somewhat brighter (I am assuming the full-range driver can reproduce at least some of the treble frequencies), as well as louder (less components in the signal path, less resistance). Now.. I know audio companies spend a lot of money on R&D, so I am not accusing Klipsch of cutting corners or anything like that. My main question is... which satellite version actually perform objectively better? I do not have any instruments to measure frequency responses, but may be someone can look into this? And a question for Klipsch: What is the reason behind this internal change? Do the new satellites still perform up to THX specifications?
  4. Hey guys so recently I got my friend to bring the Klipsch Promedia 2.1 speakers from Canada to here in Pakistan. I was so excited to get them running as soon as they got here. When I brought them home I connected them the usual way. And when I turned on the switch......boom. The electricity flickered and the speakers didn't turn on. I turned around the subwoofer unit observing the rear side of it and then did I realize that it was rated 120V! Whereas here we use 220V. How stupid could I get?! Okay so this is the first time I have got something from US/Canada so I had no idea about the different voltage system. I learned the hard way. Since there is no official presence of Klipsch in Pakistan, and I didn't opt for warranty which would've costed me extra CAD 35 from Amazon.ca, I took the speakers to the repair guy in my area who has fixed my old Logitech speakers and Phillips TV before as well. He tried to fix the speakers but unfortunately couldn't. This is the amp unit: He said the fuse was intact but these 2 components were fried so he replaced them: He did some more soldering and checking with multimeter and all in front of me but the speakers weren't powering on. On some points he was getting readings on his multimeter but not on others (as far as I remember). The repair guy said that this component is damaged (IC?) (highlighted): The repair guy was like I will have to get the replacement part (the whole board as shown in the first picture) from abroad because its not available here in the market. I searched Ebay and did find a few options, but they are either the subwoofer itself or the whole back plate unit. Plus they are really expensive (around $70-$80). Might as well get new speakers from best buy ($125). But even then I don't have anyone coming in from the US. So I wanted to ask if there is any other way I could get these fixed. Maybe the repair guy missed something, or was wrong about something. Need suggestions. Should I try replacing the fuse? I've heard so many good things about these speakers and couldn't even get the chance to hear a single sound from them And they cost me CAD 260! They're just lying here useless in my room.
  5. An upgraded Klipsch 400 watt 4.1 system. Prone to failing at 3 known hot spots on the sub panel., I upgraded 2 areas with higher wattage resistors and mounted them up off the circuit boards for better air circulation along with 1 zener. After the upgrades, I see no reason why the panel shouldn't last for years and years now. The sub is powered by using a standard wall outlet. (Most all 4.1 systems sold on eBay are in need of the fix and upgrades) Advertised as a 400 total watt system with the sub at 160watts and each satellite at 60watts. 110dB SPL, 29Hz - 20kHz. As far as the Promedia 4.1 system goes, the sub panel has BASH amp circuity and is a hard hitter with dual 6 1/2" woofers which makes them very responsive versus one large woofer. The sub cabinet is ported. The entire system is THX certified (by George Lucas), a very clean sound overall. Out of production, it is now a classic system. The 4 satellite speakers have closed cabinets with 3" woofers and Klipsch 3/4" horn tweeters and are pretty much bullet proof (still used in Promedia 2.1 systems). The control pod has Volume, Bass and Surround knobs for adjustments along with a headphone output and an auxiliary input mini-jacks (1/8"/3.5mm). This pod controller has a mute button to manually shut off all speakers when using headphones. The system defaults to stereo output only from just the front speakers when the aux jack is engaged with only the volume control available. MP3 player, handhelds, laptops, phones can use the aux input jack or you can use the front female input lead, either way will work. This sub has (2) brand new 6 1/2" Klipsch factory sub woofers installed, sounds tight like you would expect (same woofer used in the still manufactured Promedia 2.1 systems). Speaker front leads are 9' 6" long, rear leads 19' 6" long, pod-to-sub connection 10' long and the pod controller is attached underneath to one of the satellites. The system is four channel but does not decode a surround signal, you need a sound card, USB unit, desktop computer, receiver, TV, etc., to do the decoding duties to output surround to the front and rear input mini-jacks. Or you can use a 'Y' to create two rights and two lefts in stereo for a fuller sound absent a surround signal source or use the system in a 2.1 mode. The clarity of this system (those Klipsch horn highs) add to the separation and staging besides a pounding sub (those BASH amp driven dual woofers) that is meant to be felt and will make you want to set aside your headphones but the headphone jack can drive those too. Leaving the speakers on while wearing your headphones and you will be able to actually feel the bass. Music, movies,TV, steaming all sound fantastic even at low levels. Called 'computer speakers' these will easily fill a bedroom with sound or a living room or rec room, two car garage, etc. Klipsch Promedia THX 4.1 system specs. Message me here for further details if interested and we can discuss it with photos. For the transaction, a standard PayPal invoice is best and affords both buyer and seller some protections. Free shipping (the sub by itself weighs 17+ lbs). Or maybe you only want the upgraded sub panel or panel and sub, this is possible.
  6. One of the spring clips on the speaker terminal (subwoofer) has broken. Are replacements available? Haven't found an aftermarket replacement the same measurements. Just contacted Klipsch support. Thanks.
  7. Hello all, I have a set of ProMedia 5.1s that I recently dug out of storage only to find the box had been infiltrated by mice, and that the mice had chewed one of the ribbons on the amp board. I will include some pictures of the ribbons that got chewed. It appears that this is the only damage done. This was a complete, fully functioning set of 5.1s prior to being put into storage. I have no desire to figure out a solution for this ribbon issue, so I decided to create an account on here and offer them to some other enthusiast to fix and enjoy. I only ask that you pay the cost of shipping. Again, this is a complete set and will be shipped in the original box. Reply/message me if you are interested! -Beau
  8. I'd really like to buy the klipsch 2.1 promedia bluetooth speakers for my gaming pc. However the only store I found them listed on in Australia told me theyre end of life. Does this mean theyre not made anymore? I read nothing but good reviews but if theyre not being made anymore, or not available in Australia, I'd like to know.
  9. Hi, so i bought a use promedia 2.1 last night and the two satalites where placed right on top of the sub when i tested it out there so i couldnt tell whether the right channel was quiet before i bought it or after however when i came home and plugged both my phone and laptop, the sound from the right speaker comes out much quieter than the left (left speaker has the control pod). I switched the wires in the back plugging the right speaker into the left channel and then the same thing happened, left speaker works just fine and right speaker (with the control pod) is now really quiet. i can still change the volume or bass on the control pod so i assumed the right channel in the sub itself is the problem. I was just wondering if this is a common problem and if there is a quick solution to this as i have no experience with fixing electronics.
  10. Can anyone here help me find some information on the Klipsch Promedia Ultra 5.1 computer speakers/sub? I am curious what room capacity is it able to fill with sound if I was to consider using this set for a small reception style gathering. I have the dimensions (including height) of the rooms that are in question but does anyone know off hand the area (or better yet volume) of room (assume rectangular shape) that this speaker set can fill? Thanks!
  11. I have the Promedia 2.1 (the one with the power switch and transformer) system for my PC. I have had for some time now. My absolute favorite speaker. I had a couple of issues in the past that I repaired like Din plug and scratchy volume. Several months ago, I was listening to some music at a high volume. After 45 minutes, I noticed that only one speaker was working and could not hear the sub. I checked the speakers and they were fine. Opened up the sub and found a blown fuse on the HF amp. Now HF speakers work fine but the sub is very low in volume even though the adjustment on the pod is all the way up. I checked the sub and it is not blown. Measures good and tested with another audio source. Connected another sub in place and still had low volume. When I looked at the LF amp, I could see that the board was very discolored due to heat. I removed the board and found R16 and R17 to be loose. I then cleaned up the solder pads and reinstalled the resistors. I checked the fets and they seemed to be ok. I checked all the other parts for bad joints. Didn't notice any components to be damaged. I was wondering if there was a service manual for the original Promedia 2.1 (the one with the power switch and transformer)? Does anyone know why the audio would be very low? Thanks boB
  12. I am looking for a power cable for my GMX subwoofer. I think mine got lost during my move. The part number is 114923. Thanks!
  13. Hey guys, I've had my 2.1s for over 10 years now with minor issue, just some volume knob scratchiness. Over the past couple of years I began to notice a more serious issue. The right channel would consistently lose signal. Usually with a little physical nudging of the sub the signal would come back. Over time it became more and more common, and now the left channel sees a similar issue. I opened up the sub to see how the internals look and attached are some pictures. I know some of this is glue, but something doesn't seem right. Is there anything here that catches anyone's eye that has maybe popped or exploded?
  14. I'm keeping an eye on eBay but just in case...
  15. I busted open the 4 gang pot on my 15 year old promedia v2 400, unloaded half a can of contact cleaner, and could not fix the scratchy sound that also cuts in and out. I can only get 2 channels to play at once. Anyway, how do you measure the size of the pot? What size replacement do I need to find? The blue body is a hair under 15mm. It has 12 pins. Original specs = KIE b50k x4. If I need to solder wires, what kind of wires will I need? Could I possibly solder a 2-gang pot and wire it to the other 6 pin holes? (see 2nd pic)
  16. I just set up my ProMedia DD-5.1 back in my computer room after using it for years in the family room. For several years I have only used the optical input and turned it on by hand. In my new set up I have two inputs I want to use. I just tried using the remote to change the input and nothing happened. The remote is working (I checked it with my phone camera). The batteries are brand new. I sat there for about 5 minutes pushing the input button. Finally it changed. Now I am trying to switch it back and I am not getting any response again. I think it is the unit itself since I can see the remote emitting some signal (with my camera). It is strange that it did work momentarily, so I know nothing is completely fried. I have the unit sitting under my monitor and between the promedia speakers. Has anyone else had this problem? Do any of you have any suggestions? It should works since I've only had it for 13 or 14 years
  17. HI, I'm considering changing my speaker setup. As I need rather narrow speakers, I was considering a 2.1 setup to get decent bass. The problem is, I don't have too much place for a subwoofer. It looks like this: Free space is 26cm x 26cm (10in x 10in), which would accomodate the Promedia sub but as you can see: a/ on the left it would be actually almost touching the printer b/ on the right it would be 2-3 inches from the couch c/ at the back there would be approx. 10 inches space d/ front will be basically almost touching my legs e/ it would not be standing on the floor, but on a fairly thin piece of metal In this case - is it even plausible to think about the 2.1 setup, or will I be better off with 2.0 speakers?
  18. Ive had these for about a year and suddenly the power goes off for a few seconds then comes back up. when it comes back up i notice there is no green light coming from the control pod. is this a blown fuse? there is no power switch on the side nor a external fuse and if so how would i go about fixing it i dont think this is a very good sign
  19. I love my klipsch pro media 2.1 so much that i decided to make them even better. For me these are the best computer speakers i can afford. I did these mods over several months, buying most parts from eBay (it takes 2 to 4 weeks to arrive from china). The most expensive parts were the control pod box (10 US$), the bluetooth receiver (7$) and the relay (8$). The other parts were between a few cents and 3 dollars). I am very satisfied with the result. As can be seen in the pictures, i completely detached the control pod from the speakers (because i had to move the speakers away from the computer), added some good quality gold plated binding posts, replaced the cables, added an on/off switch and a relay to the sub woofer so that the speakers automatically switch on and off with the computer. A 12 volts signal from the computer PSU controls the relay. I added a bluetooth receiver inside the control pod. On the front picture of the pod one can see an on/on input selection switch (select between the computer speakers and bluetooth reception from my iphone and ipad) and a blue led light in-between the 2 volume knobs. On the back of the pod is the power input for the bluetooth receiver (5 volts supplied by the computer PSU), the bluetooth antenna connector and the bluetooth on/off switch. I did not alter in any way the original klipsch circuitry. I did not want to power the bluetooth from the control pod circuitry as i was afraid to alter the sound quality.
  20. Hi there, I have a Promedia 5.1 that I love, but I no longer have any need to use it with a computer - just don't use a computer like that anymore. What I'd like to do is setup the sub with my Pioneer VSX-31 receiver. Is there a way to do this without the control pod? If I need to do it with the control pod, what is the best setup for that? I am currently putting the surround speakers through the receiver and don't want to connect them through the sub. Does that make any difference? Are there adapters that I need? Thanks!
  21. These two (2) speaker leads are 19 feet 6 inches long having molded mono angled 90 degree plugs on one end with standard male mini jack plugins (1/8"/3.5mm) and bare tinned wire on the other end. Fits older Klipsch Promedia 2.1 or 4.1 satellite speakers that takes angled mono plug on one end for inserting into the satellite speaker jack and bared tinned lead on the other end for connecting to the sub panel clips. Meant for the rear speakers of a Promedia 4.1 system to extend the reach and separate the rears further away but works fine if you need more reach than the stock 9' 6" Promedia 2.1 or 4.1 front speaker leads. These mono plugs and wires could work in other situations as needed. Technically considered ribbon 'rip' wire AWG 20 gauge, non-shielded, markings for left, right, positive and negative. Message me here if interested. Only a few available. $15 Free shipping. Invoiced via PayPal.
  22. Hi all I bought a set of Klipsch Promedia 2.1 around 2 months ago. However, I have an issue with it. When the speaker is off (Red LED), it hisses every second like a tick-tock clock. (not long and continuous) I have sent it for repair with warranty to my local authorized dealer in Singapore about 3weeks+ ago. Few days back, they told me the issue was resolve and ready for collection. However, when I reach the place, I requested them to allow me to test the speakers if the same issue resolves, when it was tested, the same issue occurred. They told me they will ask the engineer to rectify the speakers as soon as possible. I have not been able to use my speakers for almost a month. May I know what would be the possible cause for this issue? Please advise Thank You Peter
  23. I tested the Promedia 2.1 at BB. The sub had an on/off switch and a fuse and the speakers were hard wired. What version is this? I thought the newer ones did not have the switch. There was no serial on the sub and the box sticker read Klipsch 2014. Thanks ahead of time.
  24. Hi again, I got some about 13 years ago from Klipsch directly. Did not see them googling or searching on Klipsch.com. Ones at Amazon were not the Klipsch. The Klipsch were really well-designed that fit in the slot in the satellites where the desktop brackets fit. Thanks in advance, Mikey JEE
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