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  1. dubs


    Anyone know of a RC-64II center channel for sale?
  2. I'm moving to new house and get to upgrade my home theater. I'm 73 and have some high frequency hearing loss (typically display the subtitles). We use our HT for 80% movies and 20% soft rock music. I want to start the new system with a very good center channel speaker for dialogue and then build a 5.2 system around that center channel. Listening area will be about 12 x 12 but open to around 20 x 20, hard floors. Existing 5.1 is Def Tech in smaller listening area and it does a fair job, I'm looking for upgrade plus handle the added volume space. Any recommendations on cc to start with ?
  3. I have a 5.1 Home Theater using a KV1 Klipsch Center Speaker , front left and right speakers are KSB3.1 Klipsch and rear Left and right are IC525 Klipsch Ceiling speakers. The Sub-woofer is an Infinity powered BU-1. I also use an iLive 37" Sound Bar to enhance TV dialog at low volume. The system runs through a Onkyo TX-NR626 A/V Receiver. The center and sound bar have been on a TV cabinet (with storage for the EQ inside). Normally, the positioning is the sound bar off center right and the center off center left behind the TV. With the TV stand, 1/2 the center is blocked so the back is lifted and it aims down. This sound is OK and when necessary adjustments can be made by movement of the sound bar. See photo. However, I recently upgraded my TV to a 4K 50" Samsung UHDTV. I plan to consider a wall mount for the new TV. Since the center channnel speaker is large and heavy would it be OK to leave it on top of the cabinet and try and hang the sound bar from the TV? I see several items designed to do that. I fear the Klipsch is too heavy to hang from a rack setup. This means that from the listening/viewing area, the center speaker would be below the sound bar. The sound bar is connected to the TV audio via optical cable so when I am in Home Theater mode with the audio through the A/V Receiver, no sound comes from the sound bar. I would appreciate any comments.
  4. A few months back I posted that I was not happy with the center channel in my system, I was using a Martin-Logan SLM as my center channel. The SLM is a surface mount and it has short throw drivers and it was hard to balance in the system. I was not happy with the system. I looked at other center speakers and have always had a preference for Klipsch. I asked on the forum for opinions on the 440 and I was steered to the RP-450C instead. I found a factory recertified 450C on Amazon for an attractive price and it arrived today. This is a major improvement over the SLM. I thought a center with a box enclosure would be better and apparently, I was correct. I still have some balancing to do, but I'm liking it. The System Yamaha Receiver - RX-A860 R&L Speakers - Klipsch Heresy 1 - total rebuild with all new drivers and X-over R&L effects/presence - Martin Logan Edge The system just underwent a major improvement and sounds real sweet in either A/V or music The Klipsch R:P-450C and it was hard to balance in the system Rebuilt Heresy 1 RP-450C with the M-L Edges
  5. For sale: Near mint condition Klipsch RC-62II. I have owned this speaker for 2 years in a smoke free, child free home. Speaker has a very small scuff on right side (approximately 3/8" long) but otherwise is in absolute perfect condition. I unfortunately did not keep the original packaging but speaker will be protected well as I work for UPS and have access to shipping materials. I'm looking to get at least $300 and that's including shipping cost. Speaker does weigh just over 30lbs. Please message me if you are interested. I can send additional pictures if requested.
  6. I have Chorus II on the front of a 5.1. I currently have a 96db RC-35 as my center and it is a little underwhelming with the chorus iis. I could use some recommendations on a center that would compete that: 1) isn't too large. Would like to stay < 30w, 11 deep and 11 high. 2) closer to 100db sensitivity 3) Would like to stay $600 or less Was looking at this custom made piece from Bob Crites. A little longer than I would prefer, but wanted to know if any had any experience with this speaker? Thanks!
  7. I'm letting go of my KSP C-6 (black) center channel and RC-7 (black). I upgraded my whole system and getting rid of all the extras locally in Miami, Florida (33177). The RC-7 is in great shape no dents on or chips on the cabinet, and the tweeter/woofers sound fantastic. Perfect grill. I have 2 KSP C-6, one looks better (vinyl is perfect) than the other (vinyl on edge had slightly lifted towards back). Perfect grills. I would trade the pair or the single for some Hersey ( I or II), but ultimately just trying to get rid of all the extras. RC-7 SOLD KSP C-6 $100- REDUCED 8/7/17 PERFECT CONDITION KSP C-6 $ SOLD Im going to post them on eBay with more pics, but they are already up in South Florida local CL with my contact info for local buyers. I don't have time to pack or ship, sorry in advance.
  8. For sale: Near mint condition Klipsch RC-62II. I have owned this speaker for 2 years in a smoke free, child free home. Speaker has a very small scuff on right side (approximately 3/8" long) but otherwise is in absolute perfect condition. I unfortunately did not keep the original packaging but speaker will be protected well as I work for UPS and have access to shipping materials. I'm looking to get at least $300 and that's including shipping cost. Speaker does weigh just over 30lbs. Please message me if you are interested. I can send additional pictures if requested.
  9. Hi, i'm going to buy a Central channel speaker for my current 2-channels home theater made of a couple of RB-51 II. I would like to read some experts' feedback about the choice as Central speaker of the "R-25C". I've as AV amplifier for home theater the Yamaha RX-S601; its main characteristics are quoted here below: What's your opinion about the R-25C for this scenario? ...or, in case, which one else would you suggest to adopt instead of that? Are the RB-51 II appropriate for Yamaha...considering the parameters above if compared with the ones of speakers? Thanks for your suggestion, Mario
  10. Hello! I am a new owner of a pair of cherry RF-7's. Could not be happier with the purchase! Now for the challenging part - finding a matching cherry RC-7. Found one on US Audio Mart, had the sale ready to go, but THE DAY he was supposed to be shipping it out informed me that the post was incorrect, and that it was in fact black. Found one on CL in Minneapolis, but the owner is unwilling to ship. If I weren't booked for the next 3 weekends, I may have just bit the bullet and flew there with a huge suitcase. The struggle is real... if your struggle is to stop compulsively buying speakers and upgrading, anyways. At any rate, if anybody is by chance willing to part with one or knows the whereabouts of where I might find one, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks! Bob
  11. Hello fellow Klipsch users, Does anyone had an issue with their Klipsch RC-62ii Center Speakers? I have one for like 3 months now and whenever its playing some deep bass on it I hear a noise something squeaky/rattling. First I noticed it while I'm watching a movie, then tried to play some jazz music on it hoping that that noise is only from the movie however, the squeaking still persist. I'm thinking maybe there's rattling/squeaky something on my home, but then I tried to play Stereo (RF-82ii) and I never hear this squeaky rattling noise. I even took out the center speaker from the TV stand to an open space to isolate it from other items and check if the squeaking/rattling is really the center speaker, still, the squeaking/rattling is there. I took a video of this noise while playing some bass test on youtube which I have linked below. With all that being said, I'm wondering if I need to send it back, how's the Warranty work on this? I'm adamant of not sending it back To Frys (where I bought it) since it's too far from me. Can I just bring it to some Klipsch authorize seller near me like Bestbuy/Magnolia? Squeaky RC-62ii Here's my current set-up and as you can see, I currently don't run a sub on my system. Klipsch RF-82ii Klipsch RC-62ii Klipsch RB-61ii Denon X3300W (with Audyssey XT32)
  12. I'm looking to purchase a Wharfedale Jade C2 center channel preferably in Vintage Cherry but will consider other finishes as well.
  13. I have my barely used Klipsch C-3 center channel for sale here in Greenville, SC Here is my local craigslist link with photos of the speaker. http://greenville.craigslist.org/ele/5953617294.html If you have any questions please use the email link provided on craigslist as it will get directly to me.
  14. I've been browsing this site quite a bit lately but need some specific advice/opinion on a center channel set up. I am helping my dad look into some upgrades/additions to the home theater system. He currently has the original La Scala's that are in perfect condition and sound great. Last year He got a new receiver, a Yamaha Aventage RX-A1060 to power the system. He has an old, middle of the road Kenwood 5.1 system (not sure of model) sitting around collecting dust so we took the center channel from this and hooked it up to his current system. It does the job and is better than not having a center channel at all, but as you can imagine, doesn't even begin to keep up with the La Scala's. To give you an idea of what it's being used for, this is setup is used 50% to watch sports, mainly football, about 30% to watch movies and about 20% to listen to music. I'm anticipating that more music will be played on this in the near future though. In the future, this system may or may not be expanded upon further. He may be adding rear reference speakers and a sub to go full 5.1, but right now we both feel that a pair of La Scala's along with a solid center channel will be more than sufficient for its current use. I understand that if money was not in the equation, we should be looking at some of the nicest center channel's that Klipsch offers to pair with the La Scala's. Unfortunately that's not in the plan/budget. We are looking at the RC-62 II center channel and the RP-250C. They are both on sale right now and are very similar in price. By looking at these two speakers, I understand that the system won't be hitting its full potential, but I think it will be a good compromise between upgrading from the old Kenwood and breaking the bank with a higher end model. The question is, Is there a substantial difference between the two? Is the RC-62 clearly better and a no-brainer in this situation, or will the difference be negligible? The reason this is even an issue is that the TV is in a built in entertainment center that isn't going anywhere, and within that the tv is on an oak riser to get it to eye level. The RC-62 is just a little bit too big to fit under this riser, while the RP250 will fit just fine. The price in this instance isn't a big deal, they're both in the same price range, but I see that the RC-62 is a good amount more expensive at regular price. If we went with the RC-62, the options are to put it on top of the entertainment center, (which is roughly 5' high so I'm not sure if the angle would make a difference when we're sitting just 10' in front of the tv on a couch), or we could actually use the RC-62 itself as a tv riser instead of trying to fit it under the oak riser we currently have (The question within a question, Is it ok to place the tv directly onto one of these center channel's and use it as a riser? Wasn't sure if you get vibration up into the TV or mess with the speaker at all if this was done.). Neither one is a deal breaker, but the RP-250C will fit in the current set up with any problems, so that is a major perk. Sorry for the long post, but I wanted to make sure there is a full understanding of the setup and what it's being used for, the fitment issues are kind of unique and are the basis for this whole issue.
  15. I have a Klipsch RC-7 center channel speaker for sale in Central Florida (Melbourne). It is in good functional shape. I am the only owner. One of the woofers has a small line on it but does not affect the sound quality. I noticed several people have woofers this way. The grill has one broken peg. The Klipsch logo on the grill fell off and I lost it. Otherwise, works and sounds great. I had them together with my RF-5 fronts. Always played them responsibly. I sold my RF-5s but the buyer did not want the center. I would like to get $300 firm for it. I noticed people are paying more for them online. I will be driving on I-95 next week (22nd or 23rd) towards Raleigh. So, if someone along I-95 wants to buy it between Melbourne, Florida and Raleigh - send me a note. if you are in the Orlando area - let me know. I can even bring it to you.
  16. Is there a current Klipsche center channel speaker that's made in USA? Want to pair with forte 1 s
  17. Hello all, I am about to come into possession of a restored Scott 299C, which will drive my Heresy II speakers. I also have a Sub 12 subwoofer, which I will drive from the derived center channel output on the amp. The center channel output is independently adjustable on the 299C. For anyone out there with a similar set up, what's yoru routine for adjusting the output level to the subwoofer? Do you leave it at a certain level? Do you adjust it according to the regular volume level? Any insights appreciated.
  18. Hi, I would like to know if Klipsch is planning to release in the short/mid term a Reference Premiere 240 center speaker (this would be 2 4" cerametallic woofers and a 1" titanium tweeter). I have a new pair of RP-260f, and I would buy a 440c (or even a 250c) if I had enough space, so I was wondering if you were considering to release a center speaker with 4" drivers. Thanks and Best Regards
  19. Hey all - wife and I are moving and need to sell our media cabinet. Looking for $600 firm. Salamander Designs - Chameleon Collection - Barcelona 339 Media Cabinet http://www.salamanderdesigns.com/products/details/a7f0e5f7-10f7-d02c-b43f-5125e2846a12 Originally $2699 - ~2 years old; Original Owner; Purchased from Magnolia AV via Best Buy - Excellent Condition - Light cherry wood (beautiful) / black glass Dimensions: 65 3/4" W x 34 1/2" H x 22" D Local Pickup only! NOTE - If you're interested in our ~4 month old 75" Sony 940D (XBR75X940D - pictured) - make us an offer and we'll do a package deal! Adding more pictures to show the space for the center channel (huge open space) and available storage. - All shelves are fully adjustable - Many accessories are available from Salamander (drawers, trays, cooling fans, integrated power strips, rack unit, etc.) - I am including 2 extra MDF shelves ***Everything is in excellent/like new condition; We are the original owners of everything; We should have receipts from MagnoliaAV for everything
  20. Klf-c7 in great shape some minor scratches on top and I have no grill. Just getting rid of some items just sitting around. I can be contacted at 1-219-299-1059 and I live in Hobart,IN 30 miles from chicago
  21. For Sale Klipsch legend Series KLF-C7 Black Center Channel, Like Brand New, Asking $300.00, If interested please email me at ssieng2001@yahoo.com for pictures and more information, or call me at 586-255-8962, Rochester Hill, MI area. Will ship at actual cost or local pick up.
  22. I am building a new home theater and in the process of purchasing all of the necessary speakers and other associated hardware. I already have two R-28F towers for my main front speakers, and I have two R-14S surround speakers. My subwoofer is the R-10SW although I do have a second Martin Logan 10" sub I could use if I find it necessary. The room is wired for 5.1 so for the time being I am starting there but I may pull some new wires to upgrade to a 7.1/7.2 setup in the future. The receiver I have is an older Onkyo TX-SR507 which I fully acknowledge is underpowered but I will be replacing that soon and it will be moved into a secondary location (separate topic down the road). The room is currently setup with a 46" LCD but a projector will be coming soon (deciding which to buy). Screen size will be approximately 120" and the room size is 31'D x 20'W however primary viewing/listening position is approximately 15' from the front wall with the surround locations being approximately 19' from the front wall. The remaining space behind is used for a gaming area so it doesn't really factor into the proper "listening area". I mention dimensions so it is clear this is a larger space which helped explain why I opted to go for larger tower speakers as opposed to small wall mounted or in-wall options. The current issue I have is that I need a proper center channel to finish out the system. My two top options right now are the R-25C or the RP-440C. Because this room will primarily be used for watching television and movies as well as some gaming with perhaps less than 5% of the time devoted to music, I know I need to invest in a good center. From what I can find, the R-25C is the matching center for my towers and has dual 5.25" woofers. It is rated at 100W. The RP-440C on the other hand has four 4"woofers and can handle 150W, so it seems as if this would be capable of delivering a larger more robust sound. There is also the RP-450C which is the version with four 5.25" woofers which in theory is capable of even more although I suspect that may be a bit overkill for my needs. Does anyone have experience with these centers to know what would be ideal? Obviously the R-25C is less expensive which would be appreciated however if I am really doing a disservice to myself by not stepping up to the RP-440C or even the RP-450C then I'm open to suggestions. I hear a lot about "timbre matching" which suggests I should probably stick with the smaller R-25C but (with no disrespect to anyone here) a lot of what i have read elsewhere makes me think people just toss out phrases like "timbre matching" without bothering to actually listen to the speakers or they simply repeat what they heard elsewhere and consider it fact. I assume any good receiver is capable of balancing speakers to the point the typical listener would be more than satisfied, so I just want to ensure I have enough speaker to fill the room and ensure I'm drawn into the movie/game rather than being distracted by substandard audio. Any and all opinions welcome. TL;DR option - Need help picking a center. Top picks are R-25C and RP-440C. Already have R-28F towers, R-14S surrounds, and R-10SW sub.
  23. Have a black KLF-C7 center channel speaker for sale. In very good condition: speakers perfect; I see no imperfection/flaw in the grille, and the cabinet is at least an 8.5/10. So, a superb addition to a mid-sized to larger HT venue. Remarkable specs (but Klipsch ophiles already know that): FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 75Hz-20kHz(+-)3dB SENSITIVITY: 99dB @ 1watt/1meter POWER HANDLING: 150 watts maximum continuous (600 watts peak) NOMINAL IMPEDANCE: 8 ohms TWEETER: K-90-KV 1" (2.54cm) Polymer diaphragm compression driver HIGH FREQUENCY HORN: 90(o)x60(o) Tractrix® Horn WOOFER: Two K-1062-KV 8" (20.32cm) Poly Carbon Graphite cones ENCLOSURE MATERIAL: Medium density fiberboard construction (MDF) ENCLOSURE TYPE: Sealed DIMENSIONS: 11" (27.94cm) x 27.19" (69cm) x 9.125" (23.18cm) WEIGHT: 38 lbs. (17.25kg) FINISHES: Light Oak, Medium Oak, Mahogany, Black Satin BUILT FROM: 1997 BUILT UNTIL: 2001 Below are photos of the front w/ grille, the woofers and horn w/out the grille, and a view of the top, showing its excellent condition. Price is $280.00. Willing to ship, if buyer pays the cost for doing so. Please PM with your interest. Thanks, and enjoy! Jim
  24. Hello, I recently purchased the Reference home theater system. R15M, R26F, R10SW but I did not purchase the R25C because that speaker will not fit in the front of my TV Cabinet. I have a 65" curved Samsung TV sitting on the stand and the bezel sits about 2" or so off of the stand. If I put the R25C in front of my TV it will block some of my viewing area. My TV cabinet has 3 sections all at 18.125" wide. I prefer not to mount the center speaker on the wall behind the TV because that would look very odd and I don't want to put the center speaker on the floor. Is there a comparable speaker in anyone's mind that I could get that would sound ok to match this setup? There are a few older Reference speakers that would work but I would have to find something used. Is the G-16 my only bet? I'd hat to get another brand because it sounds like the non timbre matching wouldn't be good. Please help! Thanks
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