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Found 9 results

  1. Excellent condition. $15 Plastic cases included. Local pickup preferred. (Will ship for an extra $15 and I'll cover paypal fees)
  2. Question about "good sound" and harmonics. Had a problem with a set of Forte I's I picked up; believed my problem was in the mid-range ... primary tones; but (after installing Crites tweeter diaphragms) now think the 2nd, 3rd, etc harmonics come through via the tweeters and produce the richness in sound that I was missing. Would very much like to hear some comments on this (or links to explanations). (Added note to the "some of the" experts on this forum; Yes, tried searching this site for many hours ... but probably missed page 78 on thread # 12643. Sorry Some of us "newbies" are still trying to learn ) Many thanks, Emile
  3. One pair B&K Sound/Crites CT120(b&c de120 driver)tweeters as new. Perfect condition, no flaws. Maybe 20 hours of light use tops. Purchased from Mr. Crites new on 07/29/2016. Used until I could make mounting brackets for my JBL 2404's. That task is now complete. I do not think I have to tell anyone this but these are VERY nice tweeters. $175.00 + $14.00 USPS 2-Day Priority Shipping in US. Payment via PayPal. Please PM me. Thank you for looking.
  4. Would like a pair in nice shape. Thanks.
  5. I need.... I hate this saying. I have two awesome Concert series S4115H speakers, Replaced 15" woofers with, PA3808 15" Pro Woofer 8 Ohms. and a cheap tweeter. Cheap and sounded good for it's time. I used a Yamaha Km-206 amp, a SAE Mark 5 pre amp. These speakers rocked my house. Thank you neighbors. It wasn't loud enough-Oops, added a Beringer Nu 6000 amp, at 1500 watts into 8 Ohms. Blew horns rated at 300 watts RMS. Do you sell replacements that can handle this. Thank you william_sawyers@yahoo.com Thank you from a children author of Concord Ca. William Sawyers
  6. Anyone have or heard these in their Klipsch Heritage speakers? For specs on these see: http://www.usspeaker.com/beyma%20tpl150h-1.htm Kind of pricey for tweeters but a friend of mine is the new XXXXX distributor of Beyma including Beyma Tweeters. Edited to revise link to a webpage with Tweeter specs.
  7. Hello, I own two sets of Klipsh Heresy speakers for over 25 years, love them. Problem is I have had to replace the voice coil diaphragms on the K-77-M tweeters on a few occasions, I was wondering if it would make any sense to place a fuse between the crossover and tweeter as a protective measure, logic being it’s a lot cheaper to replace a fuse than the voice coil. If so what would you suggest the resistance be for this fuse? Cheers Montreal
  8. Have to downsize with my move from Indy to Detroit. See avatar for the bass and tweet horns. K-402's with K1133's are spoken for but may be available for $2,000 if contingency sale goes up in smoke. Asking $350 for the pair of bass horns with K-33's (Stick those under your LaScalas and enjoy some REAL bass). This is less than the cost of the lumber and drivers alone! Free labor and R&D. SOLD https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/148054-quarter-pie-bass-horn-measured-fr-how2build-and-hornresp/ I will meet you somewhere between the two cities or up to 150 miles. QSC Waveguides (look like Mini K-402's) with B&C DE-250 tweeters, $195 for the pair shipped anywhere in the USA.
  9. Klipsch website indicates that the RS-35 speakers have two K-137 tweeters. I have three RS-35 speakers and they all have K-129 tweeters in them. However, they all show signs of being replaced. Most of these tweeters are blown and I need to replace. Anyone know the correct tweeter for these speakers, I find it hard to believe that all six tweeters were replaced with the wrong one, especially since they are from two different sources.
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