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PWK's Book & General Info

Tony Reed

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Any chance of me getting in a last-minute book order? To all who make the pilgrimage, give Mr. K my best. He'll surely remember me as one of only a handful of people who bought KSP-400's (love 'em!). Thanks!


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  • Klipsch Employees

Now HornEd no one wanted to see my face... you could have croped me out.

That was a cool day

Tony had a way cool bday gift made for PWK

It now sits on the top of PWK's Belle center.

Next to the Audio Hall of fame trophy.

If I know Tony, he will not take a cent over cost of geting anyone a book.

If for no other reasion, he wouldn't want to meet

O. Gadfly Hurtz.......


Trey Cannon

Technical Support

Klipsch Audio Technologies

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Trey knows me pretty well. I just want to do my (small) part to help Mr Paul & Miss Valerie. Speaking of Trey... If it hadn't been for him, many of us would have never met the Klipsch's. Trey... we're in your debt.


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Originally posted by jhawk92:


My card arrived on Monday. Thanks much! So looking forward to the visit! I hope you haven't set the precident of bringing b'day gifts...I'd be at a loss for what to get Mr. Paul.


guess you probably really can't get him any speakers...



SoundWise Support

A technical help site created by me and my fellow Klipschers

I am an amateur, if it is professional;

ProMedia help you want email Amy or call her @ 1-888-554-5665 or for an RA# 800-554-7724 ext 5

Klipsch Home Audio help you want, email support@klipsch.com or call @ 1-800-KLIPSCH

RA# Fax Number=317-860-9140 / Parts Department Fax Number=317-860-9150s>

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"Speaking of Trey... If it hadn't been for him, many of us would have never met the Klipsch's.

Trey... we're in your debt."

That's true. If not for Trey the Pilgrammage to Hope would not have happened!


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Why, SteveP, from you of course, and the first time I posted it I gave Becky credit as the photographer... and Trey Cannon was dismayed to have his real photo upstage his avatar. I thought you saw the credits the first time around. I hope you don't mind my sharing... it's a great photo! -HornEd

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No Horn,I don't mind,was just messin with ya Wavey.gif

I knew where it came from Wink.gif

Everyone going,have a good time,you will remember it forever if not longer.

When we went to Paul's 97th,some of our friends couldn't beleive we drove 14 hours one-way just to be with someone who made speakers on his birthday.I remember every second we spent with him that day as if it were yesterday.


Steve & Becky's HT

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Yeah, I am really looking forward to the trip. For those of us flying in, where is the Spencer building? I should be down in Hope by about 1230 or so, if anyone wants to do lunch before the signing, shoot me a pm and we can exchange phone numbers.

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Sadly, all my more fortunate Klipsch Forum friends, I will not be in Hope this fine day. Frown.gif

I waited to the last minute to get clearance... but he docs have ruled my current heart beat incompatible with flight... and getting the newly refurbished motorhome over 2000 miles in time for the party is would be futile and way short of Hope.

My secret fantasy was to not only be there and take photos as Steve P did last year... but to get a copy of the book autographed by the authors, Miss Valerie and PWK. I say fantasy, because my concern to not impose on the book's featured couple... and the dream of having their subjects and authors autographed books on top of my left Klipschorn (closest to my heart) would have been missed.


Here's a photo of my 94½ mother that best fit her reaction when I told her I finally found a pair of K-horns worthy of the music room. That's me with beard grown out for a Shakespeare Festival and my son, Garth, who will inherit my two dozen Klipsch speakers (and, alas, the autographed book if I were able) all too soon... however long that takes.cwm34.gif

And, Tony Reed, should you see this post, thanks for being the friend to Mr. Paul and Miss Valerie that we all would like to be. I looked forward to shaking your hand as I delivered that sentiment... but I have to do what I can to keep life "real" ...perhaps another day.

At least all of us regular Klipsch Forum Posters can be proud that there is one among us who can convey the debt of gratitude and best wishes for another happy year to the part of the Klipsch family dearest to our hearts.

And, Paul, that's not "Bullsh**"... that's appreciation from a lesser known entrepreneur for not only sound technology... but sound business practices that have been carried out by other engineers and Fred and his staff.

I know this message is not likely to reach its true destination... but in my heart I feel better for having sent it. Happy Birthday Celebration & Book Signing Paul Wilber Klipsch!

Just wait until next year... -HornEd




KLF-30's: Left Main, Center Main, Right Main KLF C7's: L & R Front Effects on 5' sand filled columns

KLF-30's: Left Surround, Rear Effects, Right Surround Twin SVS CS-Ultra SubTower, Samson Megawatt Amp


Bass friendly, oversized, glove-leather LazyBoy Recliners. Mitsubishi RPHD1080i 65", Yamaha RX-V3000 Receiver

Toshiba Pro Scan 6200, Toshiba Pro 6-head SVHS W808 Upscale Monster Cables and Interconnects


'97 Klipschorn - Mains, '99 Klipsch Belle - Center, '83 Cornwall - Surrounds, '93 Academy - Rear Effects

Walnut w/ Cane Grilles. Final Amps, etc. to be determined after long discussions with Klipsch Forum Members.


Klipsched Class "A" Motorhome... an acoustics challenge in 8' x 30'... good to be "On the Road Again!"

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