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Check out the prices on some of this gear...

Mike Lindsey

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Originally posted by mike stehr:

Especially if they buy from the Hi-Fi Farm.

Tom makes a point, some people have big bucks and these prices are a drop in the bucket to them.

I got scolded once on AA for going off on somebody

who paid $9000 for a Mothra Research power cord.

(I think that was the brand.)

I thought they were nuts.


Mothra Research is an AudioAsylum April Fool's sham... Biggrin.gif

Kinda like Lirpa Lab's stuff..from Audio Magazine, when it existed Biggrin.gif



Klipsch SF2

Thorens TD145 / AT440ML turntable

Dynaco Stereo 70 power

Sansui CA-2000 pre

Pioneer RT707 tapedeck

Pioneer 4100 cd player

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Mothra! Now I remember!

It was the moth that destroyed Tokyo, blowin' little model cars around and sh*t!

And they had two little pixie chicks in a cage that would sing MOOOOOTTHHRAAAAA!

Remember the one that had a monster formed out of pollution?!

Yeah I looked at the site, they even have a Forum.

Which is all I can afford, is to visit the Forum.

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Ya know, I thought about trying a pair of the TEA-9501PCS Mono Phono Preamps for $257,521 'cause I figured I could always return it if I didn't like it...with only a 10% restocking fee!

And that mothraresearch.com site is a bit over the top, ain't it??

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Hey! wouldn't it be hilarious if that guy was just re-packaging Joseph Lau's stuff and adding three digits to the prices? LMAO! really that stuff looks just like Lau's boxes with big tranny covers, etc...sounds a little like the hoopla over Mark Levinson's added zero amp!...tony

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