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I loved them! At an entry-level price of $99 per side, however, few amps compare to the amazing rendition of high-end audio that these charmers give. If speakers are the only bargain in the audio biz - you get the most bang for your buck with speakers - then amplifiers must be the sinkhole of stereo. They are the drain, down which we dump dozens of dollars. The ASL Wave 8s plug that hole. Now anyone can start with a musical sounding amp to go with their smooth sound source and sensitive speakers.

If there is an entry level tube amp out there for neophyte audiophiles, or simply some one who wants the most "tube bang for their audio buck" with their above average efficiency speakers, these have got to be the ticket.


Colin's Music System Cornwall 1s & Klipsch subs; lights out & tubes glowing!

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I auditioned them and the little b*ggers astonished me. Very clean,dynamic and they provide excellent bass response. All of this while driving 86db/watt/meter speakers!

I opted for the AQ1003DT integrated but the Waves impressed the hello outta me.


It is meet to recall that the Great Green Heron rarely flies upside down in the moonlight - (Foo Ling ca.1900)

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Great! What good is a triode and a pentode in one tube? Why would I want such a thing? Do you think it's configured so it could be run in either pentode or triode mode? Doesn't pentode give more power? Each amp has 2 PCL82s. How would you use 2 of them; push-pull? Is push-pull traditionally Class B, or AB?


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I actually just ordered a pair of Wave 8's from my local hi-fi shop. They had a demo pair, but no news ones in stock.

I borrowed the "demo" units and unfortuately one of them had a burnt out resistor, so I had to return them. The working one did sound pretty darn good.

Luckly for me I convinced the dealer that I needed to have "something" to listen to while my Wave-8's were on order, so I've borrowed a pair of AQ-1006 (845) DT's to keep me happy till my Waves are in. ;-)

22 watts

Single-Ended Triode 845 Output Tube

6L6, 3 x 6SN7 all Triode Frontend

(0 NFB)

Point-to-Point Wiring

Tube Regulated

Choke Filtered Power Supply

- tb


Tim's Home Theater

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These are great little beasts for the money... BUT I am not sure if they should be taken to the Giant Killer status some have. Still, how can you beat such an amazing price for a little pair of monoblocks? Given that as a qualifiction, they are neat amps. Still, for those looking for all that tubes can do, I would perhaps do a step higher. But for those wanting a taste of tubes, to get an idea of what the fuss is all about, these are hard to beat. I will be getting a pair sent to me to photograph very soon so they will be in the long line of amps getting the in-home once over.

Ed's SM-70 is still here as well ...if I can bribe him to let me compare with some other challengers.


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Anyone interested in the ASL AV-8 WAVE monos, here is an interesting post I ripped off the Tube Asylum from a guy that actually spent a lot of time going over the AV-8 circuit, and with the help of Joseph Lau, the builder, did some mods of his own. It is not the most scientific post but might be worth something to someone interested in these units. For whatever it's worth, here it is:

Thought I'd take a few moments to share my experiences with modifying my Wave AV-8s, for those of you thinking of purchasing them, or those of you who have them and are considering tinkering. I love these little amps. I am between jobs at the moment and have been spending HUGE amounts of time tinkering and listening, switching out, then listening A-B again.

First of all thanks to Joseph Lau for all his feedback in pointing me in the right direction for these simple, yet rewarding modifications.

I first swapped out the four Bennix capacitors in the 2 waves with .47uf Auricaps. I did one amp at a time and listened comparatively. There was a gigantic difference in the two amps, with the Auricapped amp having deeper and richer tonal characteristics compared to the stock amp. No comparision. The stock amp was much, much brighter and a bit tinny. Great modification.

I then started thinking about resistors. Joseph Lau recommended replacing 4 resistors in the signal path per unit. R4, R7, R10 and R11. Those are a 33k, 390k, and 2 1ks. I thought, what the hell and I ordered full compliments of Rikens, AN Tants, Holcos and Roederstein Resistas from Angela.com, Michael Percy, and Audio Note North America.

I began by replacing one amp with all Rikens. The bass response increased dramatically and I liked that (Tom Waits never sounded more gravel-ly and unshaven), but after closer examination I felt the highs were rolled off and there was way too much of a "tubey" or "hollow" sonic characteristic. Also some low end distortion.

I switched out the Rikens for all Holcos, but that didn't seem exactly right either. It swung the other direction and I found it was too lean for my taste and lacked deep dynamic punch. Tom Petty whined too much.

I then put in all AN Tants which were very musically satisfying in the bass but the top end was restrained, or oddly veiled, but better overall than the other pure attempts. Ry Cooder had post nasal drip. hahaha

I then started thinking that I should try combinations, looking for the optimal blend. I put in the 33k and 390k Rikens for bass, with 1k Holcos in R10 and R11 and wow. Very nice highs, not too bright, but "there" with deep bass. I decided to try a variation on the other amp which was AN Tants in the 33k/390k positions and Holcos in the 1k positions and then duel the two off, A-B.

Upon extended HEAVY DUTY listening, there was more bass with the Rikens, but the Rikens were muddying or smearing the bass somehow, while the Tants were producing very slightly less bass, but it was a VERY well defined and musical bass. There was no comparision. The more I listened, the more I got goosebumps, and the more I loved this combination. AN Tants in the 33/390 positions and Holcos in the 1k positions created tonal characteristics nothing short of spectacular IMHO.

All the music I tried sounded "just right" in tight bass and extended yet not overly bright highs. Sampled music included Tom Petty Wildflowers, Ry Cooder Bop 'Till You Drop, Les Nubians Princesses Nubiennes, Sheila Chandra Roots and Wings, Tom Waits' Foreign Affairs, Eric Truffaz The Mask.

I did pop in 1k Roederstein Resistas in the 1k positions in one amp to test that possibility that they would increase dynamics, but they were a bit dry and substantially less dynamic than with the Holcos in the 1k slots.

There certainly are other combinations I didn't try, but I think I've found a real winning combination that bring these little Wave-citos up a few big notches that have them competing sonically with my Zen Select amp for tonal character, but they've got muscle behind them.

I did find that when I put in Caddock TF020Rs in my volume shunt on my Foreplay Preamp, it made a huge difference and was the best I had tried (over Rikens, AN Tants, Holcos and Resistas). I may go ahead and get some Caddocks for the 1k slots, but I'm pretty certain that the AN Tants are the bomb in the 33/390k positions as they seem to tame the other stock metal film resistors which tend to be so bright, while the 1k slots keep the sound open and let in the high dynamics.

I'm no expert and I'm using "down home" language to try to explain my experiments and what I'm hearing. My Waves are singing beautifully.

I'd love to hear what anyone else has done to these fun little amps.

My system:

Cambridge Audio CD4SE CD Player as Transport


Decware Silver Interconnects

Foreplay Preamp with Anticipation and Sweet Whispers in Caddock Shunt

Titanic Subwoofer

DH Labs Silver Sonic Speaker Cable

The Hornshoppe Horns(Fostex FE108 drivers)93db


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Here is a good shot of the AV-8 in the more expensive trim with cages which also includes and detachable power cord. Also see the smaller shot of the interior wiring and the circuit board.

Below are two schematics. The first one is of the AV-8 WAVE. It is reasonably good condition but a bit blurry.


This is a similar circuit on the Svetlana site


These amps need to be used on efficient speakers with the right setup. I think they will offer good sound for the money, perhaps better when mods applied. Will it kill all comers? No, but at price and new, hard to beat for picture of tube sound.


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Yeah, you got that right, mdeneen. Maybe you should jog over to the Tube Asylum and straighten out the neophytes there. Let them know they need to stop screwin' around and go ahead and install a 1/4 plug and grab their Sears Harmony Electric and a Crate speaker. Hell, these boys are all fouled up pluggin' those student git box amp monoblocks into 6k Oris 150 Horns with Onken subs!



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I do have a stereo SE 6BM8 amp (second hand- but nearly new - ebay).

But i do not know the manufacturer or schematic,

but i think it would be very easy to built,

-not many parts.

And the amp does sounds fantastic. (best with telefunken ECL82).

I drive Klipsch RB-5 with them (- it is a killersound, i can mobilize my neighbor with 1/2 Volume-level.).

Its a modern & audiophile design + silverconections inside + ALPS Poti + 4 Sources-input-switcher..

On the front is writen (on a golden metal plate) "Sterling Connection 6BM8 Midged SE Tube Amplifier"

It is just 28cm X 29cm X 8 cm small and looks nice.

Does anyone has an idea how to find out the schematics/manufacturer ?


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Hi mdeneen,

Yes the appearance and the tube-freak who sold me the amp assured me, it is an audiophile design.

But most convincing is the sound.

I think single ended tube amps sound better than others.

No, the schematics above are all push pull designs.

I could try to read the schematic from the platine, the only question is, what kind of output-transformers are used. (i can read: 195 VAC in)

Should be no prob to calculate the output-transformers ?

Are you interested in the schematics ?


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Don't know if you've purchased the AV-8's yet. I considered them for some time, but ended up buying the MGSI15DT from ASL. Its an integrated amp with 5w/15w output switch - although I leave it on the 5w setting. I use this amp for 2-channel listening with LaScala fronts. Sound is phenomenal.

Costs a little more - but I don't think you'd be disappointed.

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I got a pair of the Wave Av-8s in last night and plugged them into the system. They do sound good; no hum or hiss. There are subtle differences in the emphasis of certain sounds over my Parasound amp. Are they better? I don't know. They are enjoyable and MAY be less fatigueing, or maybe not. All of the differences are subtle and would not be noticed in casual listening. I think the mystique of tubes is more thrilling than the actual sound.

But, I do like them and would recommend anyone buy a set. I may end up with 5 in the end, depending on how well they perform playing AC/DC. They did yeoman's work playing Loreena McKennitt last night.

The schematic above labeled WaveDT matches the schematic supplied with my amps (I did not check the component values, but the diagram matches as do the voltages). My version is faint, so I may not be able to scan it for upload.


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Nice you got the AV-8. Of course, I have to say that to judge tube amps by the AV-8 is really not too accurate as this is a circuit and amp made to a price point with transformers and parts that are fitting for this goal. They apparently succeeded in bringing a GREAT little product for almost less money than an average HT receiver.

But to judge tube amps from this would be about as fitting for me to judge all of solid state after auditioning a great little Creek or NAD integrated.

All tube amps are not created equal. And these tube amps were definitely designed at a price point.


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Are you going to do any mods to your Waves?

I ordered a pair last week. I am also going to replace a Parasound amp.

I changed my Parasound Pre with a AES Pre. The tube Pre with a SS amp made such a huge difference. I hope there is a difference when I add the Waves.


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My front channels are run by an HCA-1203A. Last night I swapped it back in, replacing the AV-8s. I like it better. The AV-8s have a haze to the sound. At first, I was thrilled with them, but as I listened, I heard things the shouldn't be there. I believe they are having trouble with my La Scalas' impedance curve (4.5 ohms at 55 Hz and 42 ohms at 2200 Hz). There is only one impedance tap and it's 8 ohms. Not knowing any better, I might have bad tubes. One amp is more distorted than the other and that leads me to question the tubes. As I learn more about tube amps, I may modify them. Initially, I wanted a kit anyway.

I really wanted them to have "magic", but my conclusion is my 1203A sounds cleaner and sweeter.


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