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klipsch rf-7 question


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I have a couple klipsch rf-7 that I think sounds a little sharp occasionally on high
volume so my question is if any know if it is something especially in some frequency there the horn sounds sharp I have put down the horn 3db with my equlaiser. but im not totaly happy with that solution.

grateful for help and hint [:)]

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"I think sounds a little sharp occasionally on high
volume "

If it sounds sharp on some recordings only, it is most likely compressed program material. A DBX 3BX dynamic range expander can make harsh, edgy program material sound much cleaner.

If it sounds sharp on all program material, I would consider wiring a #1156 automotive light bulb in series with one of the wires to the horn.

At moderate and low levels it will do nothing. When you push it to the limit it will roll it off a bit and sound smoother.

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sorry i dident answer you russ.

my amplifier is a rotel rmb1095 my speaker cabel is audioqest cw-8 i have little rca supra cable between my rotel and marantz what i now i have to change

and i also have a marantz av 8003 pre-amp/processor. and i i have tried alot of cd players and found out what marantz sounds best for me

and what was there sa 11-s2 so i vill also youse xlr cable in the near future.

hope that is a few answer on your question tell me if you dont understand me my english spelling arent the best

regards fredrik

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It's a bit of a puzzler Fredrik, your equipment should be up to snuff. I'm not too familiar with your electronics but I didn't see anything that would suggest getting a shrill result. If the tweeters are good and you need to smooth it out a little, I might think about a CD player change (you didn't say what model you have). Cambridge or Njob maybe. You might also try a Cardas 300B cable on your player. Other than that you should be OK.

Thanx, Russ

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for the moment i only have a pioneer blueray player to my cd but im thinking of buing the marantz sa11 s2 cd player i have listen to a couple of cd players and marantz sa 11-s2 sound amazing to me so i think it will be it but i havent bout any cable yet you recomend the brand Cardas 300b can i find them in xlr

i live in sweden and i have never heard some one talked about that brand but i shall look for the brand.

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Just throwing this out there, but you might attempt to perform some acoustic room treatments to cut the "edge" off of those RF-7s, before spending $260 on an XLR cable or swapping out all kinds of electronics.

Very often people will say that Klipsch speakers sound "harsh" or "bright" when in fact it is simply the room interfering and causing havoc on your ears. It's not like accuracy of reproduction necessarily comes easily, right? [*-)]

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Would upgrading the crossover help?

I kick myself for not getting Dean's x-over mod when I had the bread.

However, in the meantime I heavily treated my room which definitely helped but didn't get rid of the "edge" completely. The most effective method I have found to help with the brightness/edgyness at high volumes was the change in my preamp. I'm using a vintage Marantz Model 3600 pre that has filters in addition to bass, midrange and treble tone controls. The filter for the highs.....which I think might just be the same as a "hi-cut" filter....really smoothed out the highs. At first it sounded lame......but I bumped up the treble a couple notches and it sounds great. I get zero brightness or listening fatigue at 100db+ listening sessions. [Y]

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i may get some hate mail...but i don't care....

your problem isn't with the crossover, it's the horn itself. i just did the crossover upgrade myself and i didn't use the 10olm resistor, i still have it in the bag unused. i came up with this solution while researching my Cornscala project. AL from ALK engeenering sent me an email and he said that the "harshness came from the k-400 horn itself."

started thinking a bit on that.....

i had some .25 and .5 antivibration foam laying around. it's aircraft grade, really good stuff. i invited a non klipsch friend over and Falcon 20x over. the rf-7 that has no foam was much higher than the rf-7 with the .25 and .5 foam. in fact the .5 foam was the least highest, almost boarding on "muddy." during the listening tests we felt the .25 foam sounded the best, best of both worlds if you like.

we compared a brand spanken new rf-7 vs a rf-7 with the crossover mod (no extra resistor) and foam, then foam in both, and orginal crossover vs upgrade, swapped speakers to ensure no acoustic "issues." we compared those speakers in every configuration possible and came to a very simple conclusion.....

you don't need to add a resistor to lower the highs,

an upgraded crossover blows the heck out of a brand new crossover,

too much foam on the horn muddys the sound a little

and with everything combined, man you get a rf-7 that blows out rf-83's and my give some heritage a run for it's money. (that's my thought only)

i was debating on selling the .25 foam for $30 total (shipping and paypal inclued) and you get 12 pieces pre cut and ready to install on 2 rf-7's and 1 rc-7. i have enough for 5 complete set ups, but havent decided if i want to bother with selling it.

you may be able to get the foam anywhere (not what i have but somewhat equal). dynomat may work just as good, don't know, don't have any to A/B.

a real simple test to see how well it works with foam, besides listening, is tap on the horn itself (while installed). you can clearly hear the difference between foam and no foam.

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The harshness that comes from the K-400/K-55 has very little if anything to do with vibration. That issue relates to air overload in the small throat of the horn at higher volume levels. The RF-7 doesn't have that issue.

I don't understand how adding "too much" foam to a small plastic horn that's only running from 2kHz on up can result in a "muddy" sound. Not doubting what you heard, just don't understand it.

Too bad you didn't just go ahead and solder that resistor in -- it would have saved you the trouble of cutting up all that good foam. :)

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