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Remind me again why we keep importing propducts from China?


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Well, what about those Toyota vehicles that are made in the USA? Most of them are part of a massive recall ever in the history of automobile. Don't we have too much pride? Maybe it just part of a scheme to down the Japanese because they're better than us.

At least the "important" products are staying in the US. When the made in USA stamp goes on the box it should be top quality!!

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Even the Palladium P-37F is manufactured in China. It is stamped on the packings.

The P-39F is manufactured in the U.S.


And that's the reason I do not buy them. I will NOT support companies that outsource to other countries to save a buck and PEE on the American worker in the name of corporate responsibility for the almighty YEN. Sorry, BUCK.

I will only buy non-American when absolutely necessary and not as a convenience item or luxury. With common sense and goals to keep our manufacturing base healthy we can still come back and have American workers being productive again and build for the future.

Though I will admit we priced ourselves out of competition and are now paying the price for our arrogance.

I was as guilty as anyone in blackmailing management to overpay me for my menial task jobs. I saw the writing on the wall when Chrysler shut down here in Indy. I was stupid enough to bring this point up at a union meeting and narrowly escaped with my extremeties still attached to my torso. Yea, stupid me thinking we could all work together with a common goal using common sense. Sadly I don't see a lot of changing attitudes for everyone working together. It's still "ME, ME, ME" as far as I can see

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Tom, look at our Gross National Product vs National Debt. I think we are at 11% greater debt right now. Anything over 3% is considered unsustainable in the long run IIRC.

I think I understand that. However.......

There is a pretty solid manufacturing base in this country in the form of foreign auto makers and all of the newly opened factories here in the southeast. To be sure I wish they were all U.S. manufacturers, but at least BMW and Hyundai and Toyota and Kia and Mercedes Benz, etc. are building factories that will employ U.S. workers. And, I might add, due to the sophisticated manufacturing methods in these new plants, the workers are not only higher skilled but their pay is better too - i.e. they have more $$ to spend and pay more taxes. Mitsubishi Electronics is poised to build a new plant not far from where I live which will be a HUGE boost to the economy of that small town.

Do we need more of this? I say absolutely for I'm a bit old school when it comes to my thinking about what type of industry this country needs to turn our economy around. However, for every one plant that GM shuts down there seems to be two that get built by foreign investors. Poo poo them all you want, but I'm gald the foriegn companies have faith that American workers can build a quality product and are spending their capital here.


I'm glad that Americans are able to make a decent wage at the foreign car plants here in America. But realize that they are only building here because it is cheaper for them to build here that export them, especially when the State and Federal governments are giving them huge tax abatements and other incentives to build here. Also remember that the profits are still going to the "Homeland", and not the USA. I'm afraid that the Foreign Companies will pull out of the USA as soon as it is unprofitable for them to manufacture their products here. If Americans can no longer afford to buy their products, they will shut their doors and move their operations to another Country, just as General Motors has. There is no loyalty towards consumers from the big corporations, only greed for the short term profit.
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