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La Scala 1"


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U-Pol has an excellent line of fillers.

Fibral is polyester based resin infused with glass fibers.

High viscosity Dolphin glaze is a polyester based filler that is very thick.

Dolphin glaze is a polyester based filler that "flows", very thin.

These all use the same hardener. BPO.

They can all be intermixed for different viscosities and properties.




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I have about 25 hours into these so far. A lot of that is sanding off the old urethane. I should have the bass bins and fronts done tomorrow night.


2 4x8 sheets of 1/4" MDF $45

1 gallon of titebond $16

1000 5/8" brads $4

U-Pol is about $12-$18 per bag. I already had those.

I can already say that the additional 1/4" has made a significant difference in the soliditiy of the cabinets. This is my first venture into this type of project and I'm really looking forward to the veneering portion.

I have spent numerous hours perusing this forum and have to thank all of those who take the time to document their builds. I can appreciate the time it takes to put a thread together. Thanks.


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Nice work. I really like the tire and strap clamp. Do you think the brads would supply enough clamping preasure on their own? I was thinking that the clamping after the brads would have a limited impact because the brads will also limit further compression of the glue joint? What do you think?

I am watching your approach and waiting for a review how the result sounds. Have you considered a ported bass extention on the bottom? I think I will add a ported section in my upcoming lascala project.

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