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La Scala 1"


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6 meg photos?

Yea, 5.6 for these. D60, stock lens, 18-55.

The flash is really harsh on this one. Any tips on shooting inside at night?

I think he is saying in a nice way to MAKE THEM SMALLER! Wink At 50% they'l come out to about 1.5 meg, which is much better for everyone to view and download. Even that is overkill, but at least you don't have to wait too long for each photo to load.

Nice work on the cabinets, btw.

Every other forum I've been on will not accept anything larger than 800x600 as an attachment. It appeared that what ever file size I dumped, it would take it and resize. Even when you click the pic, it's not full size. Sorry I didn't check the file size. I'll go back and make them smaller. Thanks.

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