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La Scala 1"


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Thanks kg4 and Pete.

On to the veneer. I'm using a 4x10 sheet of ribbon stripe Sapele from Joe Woodworker. This is an unbeliaveable match to my '01 Mahogany RB5's. $124 shipped to my door with a quart of Titan DX contact cement. I used most of the 4x10 and about 3/4 of the Titan. I really like this glue. I picked up the roller and 6 refills at Lowes. I bought 100 1" brushes on Ebay.




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Wow nice work Greg those are amazing like the color choice.

Thanks. I think they're going to look pretty good and sound even better. Remeber those crossovers I was talking to you about? I put them in the other set and they sound incredible. Way more detail. The biggest difference I found is that they sound better at a lower volume than the stock networks. I think you build your own stuff, but let me know if you want a set, I'll see if I can talk him into building another pair.




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I used MDO for the doghouse door. The screw holes were countersunk with a microstop. These are originally used to countersink the holes for aviation rivets. It's spring loaded and can be adjusted for depth in .001" increments. They're on ebay all the time. I've had this one for about 15 years, great tool.




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6 meg photos?

Yea, 5.6 for these. D60, stock lens, 18-55.

The flash is really harsh on this one. Any tips on shooting inside at night?

I think he is saying in a nice way to MAKE THEM SMALLER! [;)] At 50% they'l come out to about 1.5 meg, which is much better for everyone to view and download. Even that is overkill, but at least you don't have to wait too long for each photo to load.

Nice work on the cabinets, btw.

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