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B.A.T. Horn, Wendy is not gonna like this.

Guest David H

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Guest David H

I took on this project out of pure curiousiy. Here is a 200Hz Tractrix horn using a 6 1/2 driver.

I have Johnny 5 to thank for much of the labor due to a hand injury.

Here is the BatHorn flair, in compison to my Fastrac Lascala.




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Guest David H

Ran some curves last night to see if the horn will make to 6k. These curves were done with a standard mic and no calibration file, my phantom power will be here next week for more accurate measurements.

This is on axis no smoothing. There are unexplained humps below 200hz that are possibly caused by my heater or some other unknown source.




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Guest David H

30 deg off axis 6 octave smoothing.

I apologise for the crued use of Real RTA, I have had it about a day, and am just starting to learn its abilities.




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Outstanding. This cone loading is something that has been on my mind for awhile....

Beautiful work.

Couple of questions.....

How far away was the mic from the horn on the off axis curve?

The FR is perfect to TRY on Khorn. You could XO at 300-400Hz and go out to the typical 5000-6000Hz. The thing is......what is the SPL? A good test would be to run the curve as you have done on axis......leave all the testing parameters the same and take the driver and driver box off the horn......then run the curve again with the driver the exact same distance away from the mic (performance of that driver in a sealed box). This would answer....what the "compression" is doing for the driver. If the spl only increased "a little"....may have to change the throat dimensions.

This type of combo could offer "Possible" more midbass thwack for the Khorn. Of course...it has to sound good. The curve sure looks great.......I'm pleasantly suprised.

Gothover.....you do great work with amazing speed. I love the quote:

This is on "BIG @$$ TRACTRIX"


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Boys, boys, boys....I do not approve! We do not have room for another pair of big @$$ anything in our storage or house. I'm already anticipating that our realtor will tell us that we need to get rid of the tractrix bass horns sitting next to the MWM top sections at the back corners of our basement.[;)]

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Wow..! impressive work GotHover

I might be wrong but I do believe the curves you posted for the on-axis and 30 degree off-axis are in error. They are identical in response which doesn't seem logical and I also noticed that their file name and time are identical.

I'll be very interested to see more of the off-axis curves..!

mike tn[Y]

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