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It wasn't the same without you there Mr. Harmon Dude....same for you too Roger.

Maybe next time.


I am glad to have had the chance to previously have met you. You are the "Grasshopper", and as such, a wealth of knowledge that I would like to know better and get a chance to learn from. I had to work all night Thursday and got off about 8:30 AM Friday morning. I did not see any shots of JC, was he able to make it? Looks like you and Hurd had alot of fun. My biggest regret is that I still have not, and may never get to meet Miss Rose. Kevin was going to take me over, but things happen. I pray that we are lucky enough to have it in Hope again real soon. I will try to get serious on my KP-600s. I just had both 10s reconed, but still need my K-47EP2s. I just bought 4 empty MWM single bins off of FYRPOWER, and a KPT-684 sub from Wisconsin. Don Wehr from Chicago is supposed to deliver them to me this coming Wednesday. Again Mike, thanks for the kind words and taking Glen so I could live vicariosly through the Picky report. [Y]


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The trailer size is 6' x 10'. I had the decals made at Crown Decals here in Lafayette. I provided the Legend in Sound banner and had them duplicate it. The PWK logo was from the klipsch web site. If anyone is interested in getting decals I can get you in touch with Glenn at Crown Decals, he would be happy to make more of them for anyone.


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  • Klipsch Employees

Black Oak is a town in Craighead County, Arkansas, USA. The population was 286 at the 2000 census.

Jim "Dandy" Mangrum is related to our family down the line somewhere.

The last time I went to one of their shows was in Texarkana, Tx at the college.

The cops told everyone to sit down and not to stand in the chairs...Jim told him to F-off and took a shot of the bottle he had in his hand and started the next song...I don't think they were invited back.

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