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AUDIOPHILE EMERGENCY! my $42,000 home theater...


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Hey Justin,

Glad to hear you're doing better and posting again. The panic room sounds cool, love that you can watch movies from it! 9.gif

Check out this link. I'd love to install one of these in our house, but our current place is small and there really aren't any appropriate entrances. Might be a cool entrance to your theater, make it harder for the bad guys to find you.

Hidden Doors

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hey tripod, thanks! well how the room works...

one door, metal of course. one wall has a theater on the other end. another wall has a stair case (well the open air of the lowest part of the stair case, does that makes sense?) and then there is the outside wall of the house (well, reinforced and about 2 feet of "stuff" between the wall and the outside wall) and then there is the wall full of the equiptment which is the same wall with the door, probably 4 feet thick full of (or will be) equiptment and whatnot. so no real room for the hidden doors except into the ceiling... that woudl be funnny, a book case on the ceiling!!! LoL! 1.gif

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the more I read AVSforum and ask questions about used CRT vs other displays the more I think that used CRT is the answer.

I knew I wanted CRT but I thought I just couldn't afford it given the $20K+ price. I'm now startig to realize that used CRT projection with professional inspection and installation seems like the best value....

I'd check it out...done properly it should be the most awesome and jaw dropping option for diplays without the huge price delta.

I'm investigating the performance degrogation and life span further...given an avg life of 10K, what is the pic quality like new vs 5K vs 10K?

Good luck.

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Sheesh, I remember when you first started onto the forum, and just look at the post number now. I can't get your links to work to your room. Do you still have it posted on the web?

I'm also doing a private home theater project, building my own and writing about it in Home Theater Builder Magazine, so I always like to follow the posts of fellow forum posters.

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