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That was great. It certainly well illustrates the dynamic between the typically-snooty, high-end audio dealer and the typically-brainwashed, Oprah devotee; Bose's favorite kind if sucker. It cleverly allows the viewer to clearly see both points of view and why it is difficult to change another person's mind, assumably about any subject. -Glenn

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Spoiler Alert!!

Those are not real people... they appear to be talking cows.

Double Spoiler Alert!!!

I want to milk her and stab her in the head. (Its cool she is not real, like bugs bunny violence)


Good thing you put that spoiler alert in there JB...You almost ruined it for me.

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Hahaha, that was pretty good. It was kind of cool because both sides were getting skewered. Or at least, to me they were. The audio-dork can't recognize what the customer really wants, and the clueless customer just ain't ready for the high-end.

Bose is successful because they give people what they want.

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You are close.....

Bose is successful because they have managed to convince people of what they want, and then they fill the need. There are many people who are convinced that Bose is the best, without ever doing any critical listening. (here I am preaching to the choir again....)


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