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White Noise - Slight Hissing


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I just purchased KLF-30's. I have

noticed that they produce either white noise

or a hissing sound when the receiver is on

but no media is playing. The noise is less

when music is played. The noise is also less

when I put the receiver in direct and pure direct mode (by passing processing).I am hooking these up to a Dennon AVR-5800 and using a M&K MX-125 mk II too. I am using a decent speaker cable (monster). Is this sound (white noise\ hissing)normal? Will the sound be less when the speakers are "broke in"? The noise is very faint but I can notice it

when the room is quite. Thanks for you help

and answers.


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I had Denon 4800 and the hissing was one of several reasons I returned it. The volume could be turned all the way down to where there were two -- dashes on the front panel display. However, as soon as one notch on the volume was clicked and the display showed -60, the hiss was there. It didn't go up as the volume was increased but it was quite noticeable. I bought a Marantz to replace the Denon and every once in a while some hiss is detectable and it occurs when the volume is high. I think it's the Denon that's your problem.

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your KLF-30s dont *produce8 hiss, they are so efficient they show off the hiss in your receiver. Most A/V gear has it and is must be a product of the DSP. I have some trouble with it in my ACT-3 pre/pro. Acurus says it is a function the gain required to meet some Dolby Digital requirements.

All you can do is try a different receiver until one suits you.


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Congrads on the KLF 30's (drool drool)

I hate hiss!

Have to agree thats it's the reciever. Would not think the Denon flagship would do this. My Yamaha RXV795a is dead quiet--not near the reciever. I would be UPSET and be proud of it. Salespeople tout Denon to be better with music and I believe it.

Ask your dealer what can be done. The very least you could do is go back to the store and listen to another one. Call on Denon also, hear they have good customer support.

Last resort may be to return it and get something that makes you HAPPY. After all, we do this for ourselves, right! I bet Klipsch/Mondail (spelling) will have a killer reciever out shortly.

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If it is only slight hiss, live with it if you like the rest of the qualities.

I used to have K-horns hooked up to an Adcom GFP-565 II and GFA-555 II pre/power amps and I could hear the hiss (from this not too cheap separates combo) from across the room.

Most equipment is not made for 100+ db efficient speakers so the gain is usually pretty high. You do have to be careful with AV receivers though because the processing does (more times than not) cause hiss. Bad for Klipsch speakers but you wouldn't notice it with something as efficient as Paradigms or other moderately efficient speakers.

Peter Z.

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Thank You all that responded. I got a

digital coax cable and put the AVR-5800 in

Pure Direct mode. I am pleased with the

sound now. I can only hear the hiss when

my ear is 3-5" away from the speaker. The

sub still works in this mode too...a bonus.

Music from a CD player has never sounded better in my house!

Thanks again,


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Thanks for the post BartW.Local dealer bad mouthed Sony(which I have and love)and demonstrated to me how quite the Denon was (with Reference speakers).Now I'll be sure to look out for that when upgrading?.

Quenten,I'll bet you're right.I can tell you this.In January 95 I was looking for good mid priced power amps.Someone recommended to me the Acurus line,which I had never heard of.Researched and ended up buying Acurus.The

sound is much more dynamic throughout with that great tight punchy bass.I love em.Just another smart move by Klipsch(acquiring Mondial Designs).Its going to be a great ride. biggrin.gif


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About the hiss. When I got my ForteII's I noticed a hiss coming from them. I was using a Carver AV-705x amp and other carver stuff. The AV-705x has a gain potentiometer at each channel. I turned the gain down slightly and now have no hiss. It didn't hurt the sound and I still can't turn the volume past 10 o'clock. Don't know anything about Denon, but there is probably a gain adjustment inside.(you may not want to go there, though).

for what its worth,


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