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there wasnt a single channel audio...so


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Congratulation's Max ! Its great those little babies sure can climb into your heart. There so fragile !!


HH Scott 299 Amp

HH Scott LT-110B Tuner

HH Scott P-87 Turn Table

Grado cartridge

Sony CDP315 CD Drive

1985 Walnut Heresey I

KSW-15 Subs>c>

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Thank you all for your good wishes.

The potted version of the story is as follows:

Firstly mum and baby are dong brilliantly. You would never know what they went through this am. Baby was a healthy 3.2 Kg - about 7 lbs.

Father is a different story!! Near heart-attack at 4 am when I woke to look at my wife saying "We are having a baby!!"

Of course everyone tells you you have plenty of time for a first child. This is a lie - believe no-one - camp in the reception of the maternity ward from month 7 onwards.

Our morning as follows:

Wake - contractions - 2 minutes apart, but irregular.

Get up - dress - walk dogs.

Return - shower and dress again.

Wife up - shower - waters break in the bath!!

First real hit from contractions in bedroom - wife pollaxed on bed.

Call Doctor and midwife.

Explain that we are unlikely to get to hospital in time.

Midwife explains that she will personally gut me if we dont.

Grab wife between contractions.

Throw nightie and coat on her.

Put slippers on her feet.

Carry her out to car and throw her in the back.

Set off at high speed towards hospital.

Contractions now hitting every 40 seconds or so.

Shouting things like - "Concentrate on your breathing" (what the F**K does that mean? I heard it once on ER) and blowing for her so she copies me.

Fly into hospital - staff there all laid back - until they realise how far gone she is!!

28 mintues later - one bouncing baby girl!

Too close!! I am shattered.

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Congratulations! All of the events you've described will provide pleasant memories for the rest of your life. The end result is your beautiful daughter who will bring smiles to you and your wife for years to come.

Congratulations also on being proof that it doesn't require a billion dollar budget to create a wonderful audio experience in ones home. As a vinyl lover and collector of Jazz LPs who's enjoyed the accounts of your vinyl journey, all the best to you and family.

Klipsch out

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