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New vinyl for Christmas ?

Charles Turner

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This is the time of year I place my orders for new vinyl to listen to during the Christmas break...if I wait much later the good ones are gone. So far, I only have the two below on my list. I thought it might be fun to find out what others are putting on their list so we can all share from each others picks. BTW I have the Music Matters 45s subsciption and would highly recommend any of those.


Clapton - Clapton

Cowboy Junkies - Renmin Park

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I want it all! I want every lp issued by Parliament/Funkadelic.

I want the 180gram Rickie Lee Jones "Pop, Pop".

I want an original sealed pressing of the Stones "Sympathy for the Devil".

I want to bed this really hot India chick I just met (they have six arms you know so don't get them angry at you).

Ah, I do love the smell of virgin vinyl in the morning.

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An early christmas present for me was the 180 gram version of Tom Petty's "Mojo". Excellent bass resp. from the dual album set.

I picked that up also. I'll second the excellent sonics of this vinyl. I also got Jeff Beck's newest vinyl (OK, not his best work IMHO),and the dual LP ORB from David Gilmour. Not happy with that one at all, mostly electronica sounding. I just got the reissue of the Stones Exile on main Street ,2 180 gram vinyl lps, and Pink Floyds 30th anniversary 180 gram vinyl Dark Side of the Moon delivered yesterday. Haven't listened to either one yet, probably will later tonight.
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This Friday record stores are doing another installment of Record Store Day, and the most talked about item being released is a remaster of George Harrison's All Things Must Pass. Record stores will have numbered, limited edition copies, but there will be un-numbered sets for sale, as well.



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Yay! I just found out my daughter is buying ATMP for me as a Christmas present (I'm very hard to shop for, and she wanted to make sure I didn't buy it on my own). Hmm, I wonder what else is being offered on Black Friday....

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the dual LP ORB from David Gilmour. Not happy with that one at all, mostly electronica sounding.

Actually, Metallic Spheres is the name of the recording. The Orb is a recording duo that usually plays pretty good electronica, and the recording is a collaboration between them and David Gilmour.

I got the CD and was sort of disappointed, too. I've heard better from The Orb and from Gilmour before, so I was a bit surprised. I hope it will grow on me with some more plays.

One of The Orb's most famous tunes is Little Fluffy Clouds (with Rickie Lee Jones's voice sampled from an interview):

Little Fluffy Clouds - The Orb:

Another one is Toxygene: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDGPkTaKQbY

As you can see by the number of entries, they're a well-known and well-liked band. Perpetual Dawn is another popular one.

Here's a bit of the making of Metallic Spheres:

That sounds pretty "Floydy" to me...
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