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Deang - WOW..Good position paper. I may not like RF-7s, but your posts here are truely worthy.

maxg - once again clear minded and something I can agree on.

Mike Stehr -Scorched earth? good observation. funny too.

Jethro B - Its good to hear another voice from Arkansas here. Good points about the perceived alliance with TM. Glad everyone appears to refute that assumption.


I'm not trying to limit your first amendment rights, you can speak out as you wish. What I have a problem with is your propensity to defend your point of view by:

1. insulting others

2. labeling them something that YOU think is objectionable (regardless of what civilized world thinks)

3. degrading them in such a way that they will hesitate to oppose you. (the scorched earth policy the Mike Stehr refers too I believe)

I must admit, I cannot label you. You proclaim ultra conservative values, then switch positions to proclaim support jews and the first amendment and individualism.

Then you proclaim that you are a Libertarian?

There are only two conclusions that I can make here in light of your posts. So without insulting you or the intelligence of others, I will refer everyone who reads this to refer to your previous posts on this thread and draw their own conclusions about you from your words.

BTW - Free Speech, and the rights of the individual are liberal concepts. The Bill of Rights is what "liberal" organizations like the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) defend. It too is a liberal based idea. Collectivism is a communist idology. Communism is on the right hand side of the political agenda (next to the ultra conservatives).

I'm not sure who you are learning your political ideology from, but they are obviously not familiar with the simple principles or right and left in politics.

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Originally posted by cc1091:

Communism is on the right hand side of the political agenda (next to the ultra conservatives).

I'm not sure who you are learning your political ideology from, but they are obviously not familiar with the simple principles or right and left in politics.

I'M not familiar? LOL This could only come from the radical left. LOL That must be why they call insurgent marxist communists rightists. LOL Its LEFTISTS AS IN FAR LEFT AS IN COMMUNISM you ____ ,OK i'll hold back. Smile.gif Far Right is like Franco. Far left

is like hitler and lenin. They all became facists.

And I still definitely think that the Demos are for Big GOV more than the GOP. Much more definitely.!


go forth & hump the world

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"BTW - Free Speech, and the rights of the individual are liberal concepts." CC109 (May, 2002)

"If the personal freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution inhibit the government's ability to govern the people, we should look to limit those guarantees."

William Jefferson Clinton (Aug 12, 1993).

Yes OK CC109 and I have some land to sell you in FL. LOL Any of you clowns that voted for this scumbag Slick must feel pretty stupid. He a true liberal forced into moderation by a GOP congress. And then you voted for AL SORE. No Wonder CC109 is so defensive. LOL


go forth & hump the world

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forresthump, do you know what jihad really is? Or are you going by the "American definition." Rolleyes.gifeyes

I took this following extract word-by-word from my Islamic Studies book.

"What does Islam teach about war?

Despite its emphasis on peace-making, Islam is sometimes perceived as a war-like religion. This sterotype is fed not only by the British media who misunderstand many aspects of Muslim life, but also by regimes (that claim to be Islamic) around the world who wage war for supposedly Islamic principles. Some Muslims (like some members of other religions) do wage war and justify that war in religious terms, but all too often that war does not meet the very strict rules proposed by the Qur'an for a just (fair) war.

Islam is a practical religion. On occasions during their history Muslims have needed to defend themselves when their rights have been under attack. In the first days of Islam, many Muslims lost their lives trying to defend their beliefs and values. Islam recognizes that there will always be conflict between people. So on the one hand the Qur'an provides rules for living which should minimize conflict but on the other is also provides rules for war. For example, Allah teaches in the Qur'an that Muslims should only fight in order to defend Islam; then should never attack other people or try to use violence to convert them to Islam. So how do Muslims decide wheather or not war is acceptable to Allah?

What does "jihad" really mean?

"Jihad" is the word used to describe the personal struggle of each Muslim against evil as they try to follow the way of Allah. Sometimes this struggle can involve the Muslim in the collective armed defence of the Muslim community, although physical fighting is not the main meaning of jihad.

In the Battle of Badr Muhammand (peace be upon him) led the Muslims into battle to defend the safety of the Muslims in Madinah. Muslims would say that this battle was a jihad because all those who where able joined in. They were defending themselves against Makkan violence. Their intention was to attack the caravan, not to start a war.

Jihad misunderstood

The word "jihad" is often misused to describe any war involving Muslims. It is also misused by Muslim political leaders to justify a war they want to wage.

However, all too often these wars do not meet the conditions required for jihad.

A war is not jihad if:

1. war is declared by a political leader rather than a religious leader

2. an individual declares war without the support of the Muslim community

3. war is declared in attack, rather than defence

4. war is declared to win new land or power

5. war is declared to try to convert others to Islam

6. peaceful ways of solving the conflict have not been tried

7. innocent civilians, particularly women and children, are exposed to physical danger

8. trees, crops, and animals have not been protected."


Coming soon...

Home Theater:

TV: (Still deciding)

A/V Receiver: Denon AVC-A11SR (European version of Denon AVR-4802)

DVD Player: Denon DVD-3800

Center: Klipsch RC-7

Mains: Klipsch RF-7s

Surrounds: Klipsch RS-7s

Subwoofer: SVS CS-Ultra w/Samson S1000 amplifier

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ForrestDump was brainwashed by the media long ago.You can't help poor ole ForrestDump.

The sad truth is most are also brainwashed over time and cannot think and analyze things on their own,they need the media to tell them what to do next.Pathetic

I can sense FDump will post a few brainfarts of no value soon.

Dont argue with ForrestSump there is no point doing so.Forrest thinks the red commies are still after him. LOL

TheEAR(s) Now theears

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