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BBQ/Smoker ???


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Another hour and these guy's will be ready to go......

Now that looks good, nice and crispy in another hour, and easy cleanup. [Y]

Smart man tying it up, I had a grill a long time ago with a rotisserie, the first time i tried it I didn't think of tying, all the limbs fell off the birds, looked terrible. [:o]

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+1 on the Traeger. I have had one for about a year and a half and we use it about twice a week. Great smoker. It's a bit pricey to buy pellets but the heat regulation is a huge plus as anybody who smokes knows. My favorite smoke is the Boston Butt. Second is a brisket.

One tip for those of you who are getting your meat from the vacuum packs. Don't add too much salt to your marinates, rubs, spritses and mop suaces. Those meats are packaged in brine (salt) water. It took me a long time to figure out what the &^*&^ was happening to my smoked stuff.

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Another hour and these guy's will be ready to go......

Now that looks good, nice and crispy in another hour, and easy cleanup. Yes

Smart man tying it up, I had a grill a long time ago with a rotisserie, the first time i tried it I didn't think of tying, all the limbs fell off the birds, looked terrible. Surprise

They came out perfect. I learned a long time ago to secure the birds well.
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Hey Dtel, let's see a picture of your whole smoker if you have one. The firebox picture is looking straight down to the ground, right? I'm trying to picture how that all works. Big Smile

Here are some pictures, that was built to replace a normal gas grill that was falling apart. Instead of just buying another gas grill I built that one, it has the gas jets from the old grill and I made new burners from 1/2" steal pipe, hopefully they last longer. I added the firebox thinking I could smoke a little while before using the gas, it turns out it works better than I expected and I rarely use the gas.

There is also a side burner for heating big pots fast and even better I added a Discada for stir frying which works great and alot of fun.

There are also pic's of the bigger smoker which only gets used when I have alot to cook, which is rare.

Pics here, I think it starts on page 2



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Thank you, it works fine, it's a little more touchy to keep at a steady temp than the big one but not bad and uses much less wood. Those last two pork butts took 11 hours and I used 4 pieces of wood about 16" long, about 4" in diameter, cut smaller. The big smoker would take three pieces just to get it lit and a couple more pieces every couple of hours to keep it at 225.

I got the idea for the Disc from "the smoke ring" site, at one time I had a wok and really liked it this is better. The sides on the disc is not as steep as a wok so you can cook the longest cooking time things first and just move them to the outside to cook other parts than just stir together. I think that disc has a 2.5" concave, it's 22", they have bigger but they can get real heavy.

Many people just find a old used disc and clean them up, I didn't know where to look so I just bought one at the local tractor place new, it was like $35. I took off the black paint, welded in a piece in the center hole and added handles. If you make one make strong handles because they are heavy, it's about 1/4" thick at the bottom.

They are really fun to cook on and they cook really fast, you season it like a black iron skillet and it's almost non-stick after that.

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It has been a while since anyone has posted any BBQ to this

thread. I started the smoker today by

burning some Hickory, Oak and Grapevine wood.

I then added a 5 lb. brisket and a 4 lb. Tri Tip that were both injected

with an au jus marinade and covered with a spicy and sweet rub. We then settled in for an afternoon of good

music (through Klipsch speakers), beer, mojitos and other beverages, then eight hours later I snapped a picture before

they were gone…..


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Very nice, I have never tried Tri Tip before, looks juicy.

Actually, it was somewhat of an experiment as it was my first attempt smoking a Tri Tip. I typically don’t

seem to smoke much beef as I usually get requests to use the smoker for any of the

pork on the menu (probably because it seems that most in our group want the

smoked ribs, pulled pork, sausage, etc. and just want to default to a good cut of steak

or burgers when it comes to beef).

This time I got a request to smoke a brisket (I think they must have been watching a brisket episode on BBQ Pitmasters); however, since the store didn’t have a large enough brisket, I thought I would give the Tri Tip a shot since it is a “sliced thin and against the grain” type of meat and seems to take well to the marinade and crock pot slow cooking (although I realize that some slice and grill it with great success).

I smoked it at 225 - 230 degrees for about 4 1/2 hours,

and then decided to wrap it in foil with more marinade for the remaining time of

approximately 2 1/2 to 3 hours, then a short time out of foil to caramelize the rub again. I wasn’t sure how it would come out; however, it ended up juicier than I thought it would. I suspect that the combination of the injecting it with the marinade

and wrapping helped keep it juicy.

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I have not done a brisket in a long time, at over twice the price of pork butt or loin, probably won't for while. Brisket was one of the cheapest pieces for a long time. It's one of my favorites but here it's around $35 + for a average size brisket, I could smoke 4 butts or almost 4 whole pork loins for the same price.

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I seen that a few days ago, he did a great job and even added some Texas style and he is from Norway.

It's not hard to do, find a propane tank or pipe the size you want and go nuts.

Be VERY CAREFUL with propane tanks, you have to air them out, I filled mine up with water a couple of times, drained and let an air compressor blow air into it to make sure it was not combustible. And was still VERY nervous making that first cut. Surprise

Compressor tanks also work, but sometimes are a little thin.


You can't "wash" away hydrocarbon residue from the tank easily. There is a trash oil that is deposited into LP tanks and it is flamible. When I cut an old LP tank to use as a forge, I take the valve off the tank and fill it with water. I then use a plasma torch to cut the tank open WITH THE TANK STILL FULL OF WATER! No O2, no fire, no kaboom! Once the tank is opened up, the explosion risk is gone. There may still be a fire but explosion, no.

You may try flushing with an inert gas such as Argon for a while before cutting to remove the O2 from the tank. An Oxy Acc. torch will supply all the O2 you need for an explosion to an empty tank (no combustion is 100% efficent and you will have unburnt PURE O2 injected into the tank!) that is not filled with water. Gas tanks (gasoline) that were supposed to have been flushed still cause a great many deaths every year. If in doubtt......DONT!


Thanks for the tip. I actually have a gas tank that has a leak on the bottom where there was a bad weld. It is a custom tank for a customised replica 550 Porsche Spyder. I need to weld the leak shut. I have blown compressed air into this dumb tank for days, and there are still fumes. I think your water tip is the best way to clean this thing out once and for all. I don't know why I didn't think of that! A little water in the gas later won't hurt a thing, as the ethanol will soak it right up when I fill the tank the first time after the repairs are made.


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