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Any PC gamers out there?


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I check now again over the years and still find only shoot'em ups, maze games, and hex based "strategy" games. Boring.

Wish there were a modern remake of some of the early good ones, especially the Sun Tzu Ancient Art of War, StarFlight, or Gato.


PS-Crikey, mate...no intent to rain on your parade. I've a 10 year old so I get to see what he's hot on. I try to be interested, but they all just seem to be the same. Level after level of same ol same ol... I want to ENGAGE in an alternate reality that I can relate to and build a real virtual existence. Any help would be appreciated as I'd really love to find a computer game that was remotely as engaging as those of the old Scott Adams adventures of the old days. But then, I like old radio shows too... [:o]

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I started playing Starters Orders 4 about 2 months ago. Its a horse racing simulation game. You have the ability to claim, train and enter horses in all major U.S, European, and Australian racetracks, I just play the U.S version though. If you like horse racing you will love it...After looking at the thread title I just realized you said PC,I have an apple product, but I do try to be politicly correct without putting forth alot of effort.

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