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I want to buy 4 pcs 7591


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Sergey, I'm sort of an expert on Scott amps and your LK-72 is very similar to my own 299C - and you can't use the newer EH or JJ 7591 tubes because they are bigger than the original 7591's and won't fit. You therefore have to go with original 7591 or 7591A's - which are physically smaller.

If you have the LK-72B amp (which is similar to the 299D) there is plenty of room for the EH and JJ tubes. Hope this helps.


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I'm sure Steve will agree with me that the real sonic improvements comes not from vintage power tubes, but from the small signal tubes. I would recommend either Telefunken or Mullard 12AX7's in those units. Can't recall what they originally came with, but if they are original have them tested and go from there. The small tubes last almost forever.

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