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SOLD: Sub-Woofer: Klipsch SW10


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In an effort to clean out my den and garage etc, I must find a new home for a subwoofer. This is a Klipsch SW10. It has a 10 inch woofer and a 15in passive radiator. I think this is a later version since the filter adjustments and hookup has the additional features that were found in the SW10 series 2.

The cabinet is probably too heavy to ship at a reasonable cost. Local pickup is preferred. I live in SE Connecticut near the Casino and within one hour of New Haven, Providence & Hartford.

The subwoofer, filters and amplifier all sound fine. The grill is not torn but the black finish is bare in spots and there are a couple of small chips. IOW, the cosmetics are what you might expect given the age. Please look at the photos.

The cabinet is 14 in wide x 14.5 in deep x 20 in tall



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Hi Tom,

If shipping becomes an option, please contact me. Thanks.


I'll keep it in mind as a back up plan. However, shipping from Connecticut to Wisconsin could probably cost more than the subwoofer itself. It is a heavy unit. I think you would be surprised by the shipping costs

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I had one of these among my arsenal of speakers a few years ago. I used the sub with a pair of KG2.5's on shot filled stands with a Scott integrated tube amplifier and a CD player. I think most folks would be surprised by the sound of the combo. When it comes to actually listening to music rather than playing with the toys the setup was great.

A can of spray paint would easily fix the cosmetics. Great price.


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