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SOLD: Juicy Music Blueberry Extreme


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I switched to a Modwright line stage recently and have a Juicy Music Tercel II phono stage on the way. So I need to sell my Juicy Music Blueberry Extreme full-function preamp. The phono stage in the Blueberry Extreme is the same as the Tercel (v1), IIRC. This BBX is in very nice condition with a great cabinet, clean front panel, and clean innards.

The current tube set is: Westinghouse 12X4 (rectifier), 1964 gold-pin Sylvania 6922 (line stage), pair of Sylvania 12AT7s (phono), and GE 12AX7 (phono). I do have the original box and packing materials. I do not have the printed manual but do have a PDF copy that I can send to you.

Asking $800 + shipping from Utah (zip 84094). [4/16/2013: SOLD!]

Photos are available here:



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If I didn't have 2 Merlins already, I would be all over this


That is a great price on the BBX. I had one) but not at that nice a price), but didn't need the phono section, and had the Merlin.

The BBX would be a great front end.


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