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Found! Thank You Everyone!


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Hello Everyone! I am new to the forums here, and I am looking for a good pair of RS-52s. It does not matter if its the IV or the V. As far as i know they are essentially the same besides the grill. I am trying to complete my home theater system. I currently have a pair of RF-82's a RC-62, and small polk surrounds that are being over powered. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!


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I am trying to stay around 500 with shipping to Philadelphia

If you can sweet talk the OP of the pair on here for $400 (Local Pick up) into shipping, your $500 seems very doable. $100 to ship two boxes, $50 per box, seems very realistic for shipment from FL to PA. OP of the $400 pair, are you sure you don't want to ship? Seems to me that you may have a sale ready to go if you're willing to pkg and take them to your local shipper :)

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