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FS: 1989 Forte II Oak Oil - $400-425


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Wow - this is a classified ad that I never thought I'd be making! Luckily it isn't out of necessity.

For sale are my 1989 Klipsch Forte II speakers in Oak Oil finish. I purchased these from the original owner in October of 1996. They are (by a huge margin) the items in my home theater that I've had the longest.

Why am I selling them? My home theater will be moving from our main floor living room to our basement. I recently came across a great deal on a pair of KG4 speakers that I will be using as surrounds. The KG4s are black and I was thinking of painting my new-to-me Chorus speakers black.

At this time I do not want to ship the speakers. Like I mentioned previously, I don't have to sell the speakers. Here's what I'm willing to do: Audition the speakers at my house for local pickup. If you do that I will take $400 for them. I am also willing to deliver them to you or meet you within 100 miles of central Minnesota. If I do that the price is $425 for my time and my 18mpg Jeep [:(]

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I installed Bob Crites' completely new crossover networks in 2008. The tweeter and midrange diaphragm are from the pair of Chorus that I purchased recently. I had been running a titanium tweeter and midrange in them but I swapped those into the Chorus.

All drivers work perfectly. Very minor cosmetic flaws. All-in-all a really great pair of speakers.

I do have them listed locally on craigslist also.

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Just wanted to make sure my fellow forum members get a great deal. In all honesty I paid $275 for the speakers but well over $200 for the Crites crossover networks so I am actually selling them for less than I have into them.

These are a pair of speakers that are set for many, many years of listening pleasure!

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In full disclosure I do have a local buyer through craigslist that I gave 'first dibs' to. I'm contacting him this weekend to figure out the details.

You are going backwards imho. Sometimes it becomes more about the bargain. But best wishes and good luck on the road you're traveling.

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