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Belles For Sale


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I hope my post total doesn't upset anyone. I have quietly been influenced enough by this forum to now own Forte II, Cornwall and Belle speakers.

The Belles are for sale. They are black walnut oil finish, #17 grills, consecutive serial numbers 101295055 and 6 with ALK Universal Crossovers build by Al. They make a great sound difference.

I was told they were made in 1992. Of course there are some very small indentations and marks, not noticeable. Upon an inspection just now, there is a more noticeable chip at the bottom of the back of the speaker. They sound and look great.

The price is $1,900, which is less than I have in them. That will go up to $2,000 if I have to go to Audiogon. Pick up only in Bowling Green, KY (42103), which is 60 miles north of Nashville on I-65.

Thanks for taking a look.

Ronnie C


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Delicious... I wish I was

Met Ronnie and his wifeee today and what a nice couple.

The Belles: Real Walnut, biggest blemish couldn’t be bigger
than 2mm, great sound, the xoveras are the doodoo and these speakers were never
beaters at a frat party.

I am no longer looking for Belles or Cornwalls (yes these
are mine). When Ronnie offers his collection of tube amps, turntables, and
other speakers (WOW), he should be listened to.

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I am 2nd in line if they do not sell!

What is this? Kindergarten? You are always first in line when you flash the cash in person to a buyer on his/her asking price.

Congratulations, jweber . . . I love both sets of my Belles (WO and OO). IMHO . . . Belles are the most beautiful of the Klipsch Heritage line. Congrats.

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Delicious... I wish I was

Met Ronnie and hid wifeee today and what a nice couple.

Good to know...

I guess shipping isn't an option for Ronnie and Wife.

I wouldn't ship them either, especially if someone was at my door with the money and able to do what it takes to move them.

I only posted so you knew these where sold.

I know of another pair of Belles you might want. PM me if you're serious.

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