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Klipsch Forte w/ALK Crossovers and Bob Crites Titanium Tweeters


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Bought these speakers a few months back after selling my Cornscalas. They are absolutely amazing sounding speakers with the ALK Crossover networks and Crites titanium tweeter upgrades. The insides have been braced and dampened to eliminate some resonance which is typical of Fortes and it really makes these speakers rock very clearly now in the mid and lower end. They were originally oiled oak colored but I have painted them with a nice black lacquer finish which looks very nice. They are in great shape, sound great and no issues to speak of. Asking price is $750, the ALK networks were almost half of that themselves and really make these speakers shine. Someone will be getting a great set of speakers. I am in upstate NY and these are for local pickup only.Please PM if interested, thanks.

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Lol my bad, definetly do not have two crossovers in them I will get that fixed! Tried uploading pics the way youthman suggested and kept getting errors so I created a local craigslist posting to show. As you can see from the pictures the paint job looks great and the wood grain still shines through. All drivers, cabinets and grilles are in excellent shape. Thanks for the help on the posting, PM if interested!


You have to highlight link, right click and hit open link. Not sure how to make it auto open, thanks.

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Willing to ship if buyers agrees to pay to have UPS package or if we can come to an agreement on shipping terms. Just would rather have them proffesionally packaged so they make a safe trip to your door. Also am willing to accept best offers. So PM me thanks

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