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I have a pair of RS-62II's that were purchased from Vann's back in February that I am selling.

Nothing is wrong with them. I am just moving into the same brand surround speakers as my LCR.

Please let me know if you are interested.

Thank you.

EDIT: I have decided to postpone the sale of these speakers until I have the time to respond in timely manner along with getting pictures taken of the speakers..

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Are you willing to ship? Do you have the original boxes? Method of payment accepted?

Photo's would be nice.

These are some helpful hints when folks sell on this forum. Good luck with your sale.

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I was a little too quick with posting the ad and left a few things out.

1. Yes, I have the boxes and packaging for these.

2. I live in Knoxville Tennessee and can easily ship via UPS or Fed-Ex.

3. I will take paypal, cashier check or cash as a form of payment.

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You find some single 8's? Or are you gonna do noesis all the way around?

I am going with a pair of slanted 8's for right now. Still going to use my Klipsch RB-61's for the back surrounds, but will eventually go with another pair of Slanted 8's for those.

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Why has someone not bought these yet? What a deal. Less than I payed for my older generation ones a year ago! By the way, you order your noesis yet? Did you hear them and like them better than the t12's?

It probably has to do with the fact that I didn't do a great job with the ad or put pictures up with them...

The Noesis 212HT's arrived Wednesday and I swapped them out with my T12's. Since I have a lot going on with work, I didn't have a chance to do any listening with them yet. Looks like my new subs(DIY DO 18's) will be here tonight and all should be hooked back up tomorrow.. Going from the T12's to the Noesis along with going from 3 15'S to 6 18's, should be a nice upgrade......or at least I hope.

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