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Odds and Ends for sale


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Somewhere I think I have in a box -

2 R5650W Klipsch in-wall speakers - Could not locate during move so far ... sorry

Couple Crites crossovers for a Cornwall project. One I used a couple weeks. Other is new. - SOLD

Baby Sophia tube amp.

Yamaha rxv 992

A similar in age Kenwood receiver - I'll get model this weekend if any interest

Infinity center channel - SOLD

2 Altec horns. They look the same, but one might be a 511 and a 501. I'd have to peek. Drivers attached I think.

I'll round up the other lonely electronics looking for a good new home. Pics this weekend if any interest.



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Innertuber . . .

Baby Sophia Amp has 4 different styles . . . Which style for your sale?

Canadian Maple Baby

Virginia Baby (the one you are reviewing)


All black metal Detroit Baby

Any upgrade options installed?

Tubes which come in it?

Price and pics?


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Pic of the Kenny. It's KRV9080. Just tossing it up in case somebody needs something like this. Small fracture above the numbers you can see from my knee. It's been there for years. I'm happy to keep in the garage so I kinda hope I keep this dinosaur. Bit of white stuff is papertowel lint since I didn't grab a cloth.

100 bucks delivered CONUS.


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Just a general note - we're boxed up and moving and some of these things are packed. I'm digging thru the boxes looking for stuff and as I find it I'll try to get back to you in the order you contacted me. There are boxes at 2 locations so it's a bit of a detective job, but my wife puts in Inspector Clouseau to shame!

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Appears I am the proud owner of a Baby Sophia SET. I'm embarassed to tell you I got this from a forum member and opened it today, but I knew someday I'd get to it. 10 watts of Klipsch love, ready to serve. .. I think that's watt ;) they are anyway.

I promised my wife I'd try to sell everything for the new digs. I have no clue what this is worth. Give me insulting offers so I can act indignant around the house and provide a reason to keep this.

Sold the boat today. Moving hurts in some ways, heals in others.

Sophia is nakid, w/o her tubes obviously. They are in "little boxes made of tick-e-tack". Tubes included, I just didn't unpack them to insert them only to remove them.

It's for sale at some price, not sure what is fair.


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