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Sold:: rc - 64


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Several times I have compared the RF7, RF7ii and RF83 side by side and never heard any noticeable difference in bass between the three.

I was considering picking up a pair after the holidays , but it seems for the price of a pr 83,s one could buy 4 82's and have some change left over .

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How does the bass between 83's & RF-7's are the 83's the only model with 3 woofers ?

the 63's also. i would try a pair of those since you seem to be into music so much. and as one who went from 82's to the 63's i can assure you that they are head and shoulders above the 82's. so buying 4 would not be beneficial? at least not to me. id rather have two better speakers than 4 of the lesser. my opinion of course

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Thanks guys. I'm driving from Winter Haven FL down to Homestead FL. According to my MapQuest it will be a 9 hour round trip. I will ALMOST be in the Keys and the weather tomorrow will be really nice so it will be hard to turn around and head back North. I'm sure that it won't break any records for distance traveled to buy a pair of Klipsch speakers, but it has to be further than most! I know that WakeJunkie just drove a LONG way to get his RF-7II's but he rolled in a trip to the Bahamas so that, unfortunately will not count! I drove 2 1/2 hours to buy my pair of RF-3II's. I love the 3's and am really pumped about hooking up the 83's. I've heard Youth's 83's and they are spectacular. I am now in the process of going through all of my old CDs to pick out a dozen or so for the ride.

Late last night Youth climbed into his attic so that he could measure the boxes and confirm that I can fit them into my vehicle.

Being the nice kind of guy that I am, I invited Youthman to ride along with me. His response, and I quote, "Ha ha". Can't really blame him and he seems as excited as I am about the purchase (not the trip). I'll report back tomorrow about the hopefully uneventful trip and follow up with some pictures of the 83's. Youth has tried to help me with my camera skills, so we will see how that goes......


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I love the 3's and am really pumped about hooking up the 83's. I've heard Youth's 83's and they are spectacular.

Now you need something with some "real" power to drive them. ;):D

Maybe something like this?


I know, a pretty pathetic and shameless plug.

Congrats to the seller Joe and new owner Ron.


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