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For quick sale in Rhode Island: RF82s, RC35, eD A3-300, A/V stand

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I'm moving to Houstion, Texas! I've learned that moving costs money (who knew?), so I need to liquidate some of my toys while I'm still in Rhode Island. A variety of factors has turned this into a quick sale, so my prices in bold are all negotiable and I'll definitely consider package deals.

These are for pick-up only.

I am selling:

Pair of RF-82s in black- condition 8/10, the left tower has two small dings on the bottom cone. ($500/pr)

RC-35 in black- condition 9/10 ($185)

Elemental Designs A3-300- condition 9/10, I had to turn it off when I moved to this apartment, it nearly got us evicted. ($300)

Walker Edison "Everest" Component Stand- 8/10, minor swirl marks on some shelves ($175)

Oppo DV-980H- ($70) condition 8/10 - SOLD!

The Panamax M5300-PM pictured has been sold before this posting.

I also have a pair pf RB-61s on Sanus stands and a Yamaha RX-V1800. I was planning on keeping these pieces but if anyone would like to make an offer on the whole set as a true 5.1 deal, please feel free.

I apologize for the "heavenly glow" in all of the pictures. We have two HUGE windows behind the equipment and that glow is there at all times. These pictures were taken at dusk, if you can believe that.

I can upload any new pics as requested.








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You bet. Its a nice sub.I wish I could afford yours, which is a good price I might add. Its built like tank. It is a shame that they went out of business. I think eD had plenty of people buying there subs, most of the time they were on back order. Maybe bad management. Anyway, good luck on your sell brother

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