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Definitive Technology PF15


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I recently acquired a PF15 subwoofer. Its my 2nd one and unlike my original, this cabinet is in very bad shape. Everything works but the cabinet is shot. I am going to build a new cabinet for it but Im looking for some direction. Should I build the box its original size or could I get better results if I built it bigger? It's currently 17.25" x 17.25" x 17.25". The driver is 15" and the current box is not ported. Main questions....should the current box be bigger and be ported or just build it the same as it was? Thanks for the input!

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If you have to rebuild the box, go back to the stock size. The amp and driver are optimized for that particular size.


And two identical subs are easier to get sounding right together vs two different subs.

Everybody always mentions that, lol.

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Not trying to be a jerk here, but....

Are there any redeeming components in a PF15? I have heard one and really didn't like its performance. How about selling the mint one and the beat one for a real sub;)

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