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Vintage rare 1950s Klipschorn speakers for sale


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Hi everyone, I am looking for additional information and potential buyer regarding a pair of vintage 1950s klipschorn speakers in excellent working condition. The serial#s are 1671-1672 on the cabinets and 1832 & 1681 on the horns. I'm looking for information regarding their collectibility, value and a potential buyer. I'm located in Houston so anyone local interested please msg me otherwise I can ship at buyer's expense.

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Yes these are just killing me to see!

They are more collectable for the majority. In nice looking working order there are possible buyers lingering about around here.

Khorns have been built for over 50 years and most of all materials and construction of the cornerhorn and a vast range of change with the drivers found within.

If there is readable ink on the labels that will pull a larger majority in with 50's khorns. The more pics the better. Inside and out and details if tags or labels cannot be read.

There was a pair of 50's klipschorns right here for sale on the forum within the past month if memory serves me correct. Hopefully you can find the time to inscribe with details pics and your location.....

All said, thank you for sharing the offer! cheers

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Holy mackerel...them take my breathe away. Some of the nicest 50's era iv seen in a while...

I would near contact klipsch hq to see if there would be interest there. seriously....

Value wise these may be interesting. To myself or some i view certain attributes of this particular model with the development into the current style model which appears very shortly after yours were done then still used to this day.

those are preserved well.to be honest i fell no one individual could put a value on them. it would take multiple klipsch history buffs to dial the number in...then its only what one will pay.

*Paperwork, history or anymore info? location too...*

Id start at maybe $2200 maybe more and could be less although if i had room and owned them i cannot see less than 2200 so id honestly call klipsch hq.

Im largely considering the dwindling amount of nice vintage klipsch and the preservation of it for a very long time. Selling to the wrong buyer they may go downhill fast.

Them are beautiful...A solid A....more pics of networks, details and what driver is inside then on the mid and obviously a k77 on the top end...somebody here will hopefully jump in and put a better figure on them although the details etc will do a lot....did they sit in the Vanderbilt music room until minor upgrades in 1967 when mr V had a stroke....or just been sitting in the blue room in the back of my house with sheets over them and only ran by the second owner on an rca xxx tube amp? Just trying to understand more...

cheers to you...time will bring a swarm here id imagine. i would call klipsch and speak to a true audio/klipsch long time employee history buff...i would then share what they say word for word here. as well as who it was you spoke with unless they cut a deal. If i had room i would give them a go on a vintage tube amp once a month while keeping them in perfect shape...possibly use for art in my front room. My opinion is that they are very well preserved and need to be kept in this condition forever regardless.

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Thanks for the information and feedback, I have contacted them and spoke with one of their techs who recommended me try looking for a buyer here, these are at an estate sale. I knew the name Klipsch and thought these would be worth the research. I contacted Klipsch to see if they could enlighten me with any info they had about these speakers. Basically, he told me they were made between 1948-1961 while their serial numbers consisted only of 4 digits, these serial numbers indicated they were mfg around 1954-1956 and that it was by Klipsch & Associates

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If that is their price they will sit for a while. Or maybe the owner hopes they don't sell.
I agree with Ian. The price usually reached is between what the owner wants to sell for and the buyer wants to pay. For being the plain plywood cabs, I think it will be hard to get the $2k for them. I wish them good fortune.


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