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WTS: Mcintosh MC 602 Power Amplifier


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Hello everyone, 


As you know my father suddenly passed away last Sunday.  Your support and memorial has been wonderful. I listened to the forum playlist last weekend, it was great.  


Again, thank you.  


As with any death, funerals are not very cheap.  I am trying to help my mother pay off bills that were unexpected.  Boxx would want me to offer some of his equipment to the forum members.  



I need to clear up a few things because I am listing on this forum.  My father had posted on here with the same item.  THIS IS THE SAME ITEM.  However, I have two of these for sale and can take as many pictures as possible.  The only flaw on these units are is that the backlight is out on one side of the unit.  It is not totally out, (I assume there is more than one light), however one will need to be replaced.  


Right now, I am selling one of his Mcintosh MC 602 Power Amps.  This unit is in perfect cosmetic and working condition.  I do not have the box (right now, it could be in the attic, or manuals).  I know he had these and if I find them, I will ship to the buyer when they are found.  


Right now, the sale is for the unit only.  If you have any questions, I will do my best to answer.  


This unit ways about 155 lbs and will cost about $180.00 to ship USPS/FedEx/UPS.  We can decide upon the sale.  


I am selling this as-is, but it is in immaculate working order.  Please message me for questions.


Price: $4,500.00 + shipping as stated above


I tried to take the best pictures I could, but the reflection on the front will not allow for great results. 




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Very nice and good luck with your sale. 


When you take photos, it ia a good idea to clean all dust, smudges and fingerprints.  Audiophiles are a picky bunch, but great pictures will help to drive up the sales price (or at last not cause it to go down).  Lots of picks also helps, front back sides, boxes (yes it is true, the box that it came in) and manual. 


There are other outlets for selling too, such as AudioGON and ebay. 


Please feel free to ask any questions that you may have regarding selling and you will get many responses.  There may be a longtime member nearby who can help you if needed.

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