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EARL: Hope Klipsch Employee Appreciation Days, Apirl 10, 11, 12

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Not a lot of time left to make your reservations for one of, if not the largest, Forum member sponsored events ever!  First event will be Friday lunch of catered BBQ at the Klipsch plant for the employees.  This will be presented in honor of Boxx due to a generous donation from his family, supplemented by Forum members.  Later, we will adjourn to a wonderful location about 15 miles from the Motel 8 in Bodcaw, AR at a farm belonging to a good friend of Trey Cannon, Rodney Newton.  Rodney has a club house there with an 80' bar and lots of room.  If you prefer crashing on site, bring a sleeping bag.  There is bathroom with showers on site.  There will be carpooling and a van with designated drivers to get folks back to Hope.  This will be the location both Friday and Saturday night.  NO WORRIES ABOUT HOW LOUD IT IS! 


We will have meals of some sort Friday and Saturday nights, details still being worked out at this time. 


A new sub forum has been created called "Hope Gathering" visible only to those who've signed up. If you THINK you may want to go and wish to know the news as it happens...and a LOT is happening to this growing event...sign up as "tentative."   The reason this is kept hidden is that phone numbers and other information is being exchanged that attendees don't want to be made public.
WARNING:  We've been informed there is a Civil War Enactment at old Washington nearby and the motel may fill up for the weekend.  There isn't much available in Hope, but Texarkana has plenty and is only 30 minutes away.

  • PM Mallette as "confirmed" or "tentative" to get access to the gathering sub-Forum where much is being discussed and decided.

Be there or be square!


Here is a list of those signed up so far:


mallette (the PAW/Kecia, Thomas)
thaddeus smith
dtel/dtel's wife
Daddy Dee
Arkytype (Paula)
maccagirl83, husband, & Mrs. Boxx (Croft)
akdave (tentative)



blsamuel (tentative)

tony reed

jwc (tentative)


kriton (tentative)

jmon (tentative)

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