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EARL: Hope Klipsch Employee Appreciation Days, Apirl 10, 11, 12

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The employee feed was a success, and at the tour, RF7s were being born at all stages. 

 Thanks to Rodney for his hospitality at Bodcaw. Kudos to the ribs, but the potato salad was stellar!

Great group last night inside with tubes and Corns and outside with Kevin's 6005 stacks.

A few of us are stirring at the Super8, listening to Andy download through his Heresys.


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I can't tell y'all how much fun we had hanging out...well actually I can. So much that I'm a big ol' n00b here now because I've never heard music sound so amazing!

That is absolutely awesome that you decided to join us here von the forum!

Is this Randal??

Roger Gordon

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Took a while, sorry. That is I.

Very Pretty, and welcome again!

Were you there both nights??

I saw you friended my buddy Kevin Harmons little brother Brandon on Facebook.... Brandon is a great guy and a lot of fun.

I was the tall, very bald guy that brought my whole family.

I will definitely make it a point to get to know you better here and the next time

I make it to Rodnets.


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isn’t it a shame that baldness always matches your height.   Dang, i’ve been up too long--my day started at 2:48 this morning and it’s starting to show in my posts.  If you read all my other posts, you’d tell me that i must be always tired.

Welcome Brie -- What were you singing in your avatar?

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Yes, I was there both nights but I got there late both nights as well. The Harmons + Lonnie are a pretty nifty bunch of dudes. I truly enjoyed the company of (almost) everyone I met and may actually now have a bit of a Klipsch addiction...obsession...lets go with passion. Because when you're passionate about something you want to know everything you possibly can about it, right? I needs me a PWK biography. Guess the stories from the people around here will do for now. Talking to my students, I found out one of them's grandmother was allegedly his secretary. There's just so much history and "I've only just begun."

Anyway, even though I'm an über n00b, when I figured out who Roy was I immediately told him I wanted to pick his brain. Course, I didn't really know what size pick to use.

Kevin: Rodney has been telling that neighbor story all week! We definitely need a motto addendum for that one. Can't wait to show him the blog post mentioning it.

BigStew: probably "Blue Bayou"

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And thank you, Roger. :-)

You are welcome Lady!!!

I have been fortunate enough to have known Kevin, his 3 brothers and two sisters, his Mom and Dad and his son and daughter for several years now.

There is a biography on Paul Wilbur Klipsch and you can easily pick one up cheap on eBay, however it does not begin to scratch the surface of Paul's intellect or who he was. Please get yourself a copy and read it.

Paul was married twice, his first wife Belle who he named the Belle speaker after died. Paul's second wife Miss Valerie Klipsch is still alive and lives in Hope I believe. Paul Wilbur Klipsch never had any children and told Roy that if he had a son, he would want him to be like Roy.

Kevin Harmon posts videos on youtube, mostly of hunting under the name Harmon442 Kevin has three videos of visits in person with Paul under this name that you should watch!

I hope this is helpful!

I see that you are a music teacher, so you can appreciate excellent sound reproduction!

My mother is a retired first grade teacher with her Doctorate in education and a Masters in Guidance counseling and my father is a retired school system Superintendent and past president for many years of the county Board of Education.

Paul's intellect was so vast that had he been in just about any other field, he would have been a household name nation wide!

Again... Welcome... Roger

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