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Home theatre build....DIY..slowly..


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Made an addition today....

Output from left (new) sub seems much weaker than right. Guess it really does need some break in time? Set both to exact same 'gain' and the older one (maybe 6 months old?) has more excursion & so more more power!

Just used a normal 'Y' splitter. Plugged them both into LFE on back of sub.

Think it's break in? Or should I change something?


Spread a little wider... Try and max out the width of this temporary room...



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Called Klipsch tech support. Nice guy knew exactly what was wrong when I told him what both new/old subs are doing.

He said the first batch of the Reference subs Gain was causing issues with SOME receivers and making a hum noise.

So my new sub has a revised gain control.

He said the gain on the newer subs is about 1-2 tick marks different. So if my old sub is set to 4:10 The new sub should be 5-6:10

For equal gain settings.

That makes me feel better- I had upped the gain on new sub last night so they appeared to have equal excursion - and I ended up about 5.5:10.

Not super concerned with precision as these babies are in their temporary home- Close is good enough.

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Took two days off of work next week. I'll be finishing mud/tape/sanding as much as possible this week & hope to get paint on walls on my Thursday-Friday off!

Paint will make all the difference.

Unfortunately after this it all gets expensive again, Projector, carpet, screen, acoustic panels, processor / amps, Theater chairs, rear riser...

So it'll be very slow going from here on out I think..

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I'm thinking the same color & then use crown molding to break up the ceiling / wall intersection.

Also, keep in mind the walls and some of ceiling will have acoustic panels all over them. Which will break up the huge expanse of brown everywhere. (Which is also why I'm thinking about the same color, don't want too much going on in the room.)

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