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Home theatre build....DIY..slowly..


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8 more sheets of 5/8 carried around the house into basement. Once my hands are a little rested I'll start hanging.

Man, such a slow process only having a few hours a week to fit this build into my schedule. But not spending any money on labor or supplies markup is awesome!

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Left wall mostly done... I think I'm going to leave this little notch out for a while -- easier to sneak back there to do wiring for rack.... I'm still working on electric as I go..

Never mind- you can't see it in this pic. (Basically I have a 16" gap between the corner and the end of my last sheets of drywall...


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Mud on first layer. I would assume I should be mudding my first layer to "seal" up the screw holes and the panel joints?

Not really much extra work... About 15-20minutes because I didn't want or make pretty because there will be a second layer going on top.

Anybody have any other tidbits as I go.... Feel free to chime in :)


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I've been derailed! The wife wants me to finish a bedroom & office in basement before I plunk down $1200 on green glue!

Here's a pic of the empty space - theater corner wall is just barely visible in bottom right of picture.

Bedroom will go in far corner

Office will go in closer corner (using half height wall by patio door & only a small wall by jack-post to keep traffic flow open & lots of natural light open and airy feel.



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Working on the office & downstairs spare bedroom... Here's a good idea of how the av rack is set in & the rough opening for my hidden bookcase-door. I know I don't have the header or cripple studs in.. I just opened it up.

But you can see the long 29 foot hallway that allows all its cold air to access the A/V rack for passive cooling.

Think it's enough???


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None yet... Well. Actually yes. I'm not sure if I can do laminate flooring. The basement floor isn't perfectly level like I've read it needs to be for flooring. I'd like to not do carpet (area rugs yes) but no carpet in the office or bedrooms... I like wood flooring with area rugs- theater will be thick pad & carpet.

So... Not sure if I should spend the time to use self leveling concrete and try that- or if I should do tile (cold) or just suck it up and do carpet.

That is so far my biggest dilemma. The rest is pretty well planned out in stages to work with a budget. & my work schedule. Since this is a one man show.

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Office has outlets on rear wall, small wall, and the biggest pet peeve I have with computer set ups is never having enough outlets and using "surge protectors" as your expansion option. So I have a 4 gang (8 outlets) right below where my desk will be, with a 2 gang Ethernet outlet. I'll run dual cat 6 for redundancy in case of line failure or need later on for a second Ethernet port.

Once I get the Ethernet cables I'll route those in wall & be able to close off the whole wall & start on ceiling lights, and then jump over to the spare bedroom.

I'll do all ceilings at once, all lights at once, and all floors at once. Just seems easier that way.

Also allows the ceiling to stay bare for longer in case I need to re-route something or I want to add something - easier while it's open.

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Run an ac duct to the rack….Ive seen that done :D

I wouldn't, then you have no way to control it.  I would run a temp controlled exhaust fan.  That way it kicks on and pulls heat out when temps get to your desired temp.

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