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Home theatre build....DIY..slowly..


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Here are some updates on the home theatre build. Started about two months ago. I'm doing all of the work myself, all work is pretty much limited to Sunday's so it's slow going!!

Room is 16'Wx25'Lx 7.75'H

All walls are 2x6 with staggered 2x3"s

Drywall is double 5/8" on both sides with green glue

Ceiling is one layer of 5/8" glued and screwed to subfloor inbetween floor joists to dampen footfall noise

Then furring strips perpendicular to joists and then double 5/8" with green glue

All walls and ceiling will have Roxul Safe-n-Sound

Speaks :

Front wall: Klipsch RF-7ii, R115SW, RC64ii, R115SW, RF-7ii (cherry)

Side wall: Klipsch RS62ii

Rear wall: Klipsch RF-7ii, R115SW, R115SW, RF-7ii (cherry)

120" screen & projector (to be determined)

Xpa2 (x2)

Xpa3 (x1)


Oppo BDP103





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After doing the first two wall with double studs (staggered) I decided the next sections to go up I would do the interior studs and toenail in the exterior studs when I'm done with interior drywall. That way I can get the insulation to fit. Didn't want to wrestle weaving in and out of 8" opening. Plus I can finish the inside faster & if I decide to add electrical outlets after I live in the room for a while it'll be soooo much easier to cut out a box hole and run wire - again not squeezing between 8" opening between studs.

Room for a rack... Started to build shelves & decided against built in bookcase style & will do a floor to ceiling equipment rack and drywall and frame around the slots I don't use/need (then hidden expansion if I need it in the future, just cut and re-trim around!)

Started boxing out the A/C trunk. Will stuff with more Roxul.

Now walls are ready for drywall. Just need to save up again for drywall & then have it delivered.

And green glue... And Roxul... And and and..

That's where I stand as of last night.

More electrical to run, and order A/V rack.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Here's my rough idea drawing when I started... Things have changed- but still gives a decent idea!





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Looking good! We are renovating our lower level (tri-level home) and while we aren't putting in a dedicated HT this all looks familiar. What are you going to do for the floor? Our lower level actually used to be a garage when the house was built in '69, so we are going to put Dri-core tiles as a subfloor (gotta order 100 of them at around $6 a pop. ouch.) but you can put any type of flooring on top of that and not worry about the concrete being unable to "breathe".

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We have a radon mitigation system (that's all the grey caulk stuff on the floor- they seal any tiny cracks that radon gas can get through)

The basement is 100% dry. On the top of a hill with dual sump systems!

We were going to get some kind of epoxy water proofing stuff, don't remember the brand name, and seal each floor room by room. Then just lay carpet.

Also read to caulk everyplace wood meets floor & ceiling to "seal" the room for sound escaping. Have to do that still.

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Good luck! I know Green Glue is pricey! That (along with the cost of everything else related to soundproofing) basically kept me away from doing my original plan of having a dedicated room for my drums. 

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I think 120" is my maximum I can do to keep the screen nicely straddled by the rf7ii's.

What I plan on is setting up ALL audio and doing video free music & blu-Ray demo's to make sure my speaker placement is perfect.

If I can do a larger screen I will. (Go big or go home) but with zero windows this room will be crazy dark when in full movie mode. I believe the darkness will lend a more immersive movie experience.

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Oh.. And seating position and second row riser will NOT be added until video is up and running - don't want to be too far forward or back. So I plan on playing musical chairs first & then when I'm happy with seating placement I'll add the rear riser.

(Plus risers should be built after all drywall is up- keeps the riser inside the "sound envelope" don't want sound to leak through my riser and lose SPL.)

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Here are your room modes. First is Length, next is width, next height. This helps you kind of see what standing waves will happen at different distances from the walls or at what height. For instance, at 15-3/4 ft back, there could be a null at 89Hz. At 4' from the side wall, there could be a 70Hz null. At 48" elevation there could be nulls at both 72 and 215Hz.




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Soooooo that's almost all of my first row seating is in a 70, 72, 89, 215 Hz null zone? The first three frequencies are pretty powerful bass frequencies in movies, correct? Or is that more down in the 50-60range?

Would quad subs make a better choice? Each a foot from rear/side walls?

Duals? One front / one rear? Both front? Both rear?


Or will the XMC-1 be able to correct for room imperfections down into that freq.?

See.... The scientific stuff is where I get all kinds of lost.

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Mercedes Berater,

Do you already have 2 sets of RF7ii. have you used them for fronts and surrounds. how does it sound? I don't have the space. But i will bet surround sound music is to die for. What amps do you have. The RF7ii are power hungry.

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