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Home theatre build....DIY..slowly..


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Will hopefully with hold the next updates for

1) door

2) carpet

3) towers in room

4) acoustic panels

5) PJ

Not in that particular order.

Sorry everyone for the many pictures of trim. Lol. I'd like some leaps and bounds here soon.

No problem at all, we like pics…..awesome room.

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Test run went great.  The room sounds amazing even with no carpet or acoustic panels yet!  The bass has so much more visceral feel to it versus being upstairs in essentially an open room to the whole house.  Surround sound is clearly defined but not so clear that you can isolate a particular speaker around you.  It's better than I imagined it would be.  And will be even more improved with carpet and acoustic panels later.


downside:  at some point during my enjoyment my left front subwoofer developed a nasty 60hz hum. Called Klipsch and they're sending me a new one- but they're on backorder.  Apparently the new style subs have hum problems. 

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Hello everyone-  it’s been years.  Life got in the way.  Had two children born- and the theater project went to a snails pace.  But- here are the updates and rapid progress I’ve made in the last few months. 

all speakers are in. 
front left and right  RF-7ii

rear left and right   RF-7ii

center                      RC-64ii

Atmos                      CDT5800ii

Side surrounds       R5800wii

Left and right subs  R-115sw


carpeting is in. 
acoustic treatments are going in a few at a time.   

wall color is:   
Ben Moore   HASHBRUCK Brown


carpeting is:

Phenix Carpet Ryman collection in ‘Zest’


acoustic panels:

ATS Acoustics  Suede fabric, beveled edge, in ‘Chocolate’ 



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Next up— 


1) working on getting more acoustic panels and corner traps. 

2)  waiting for the Marantz AV7706 to arrive, currently backordered— deposit was placed. 

3)  waiting for the Monoproce Monolith 9x to come back in stock. 

4)  been doing Umic tests and once all panels are done & AV7706 is in the rack the subs will be time aligned and calibrated with a Mini-Dsp.


5)  dead last thing will be theater seats. 

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@Ceptorman   once I did testing with REW I found that 1/3 and 2/3 location was the flattest response (basically straddling the left and right of center)  BUT the subs are taller by 2" than the bottom of my screen. So you had these little black blocks in the image.  So, instead of getting the best (smoothest) response, I decided to corner load them.   It's a bit more "peaky", but I'll be able to trim that down using a MiniDSP later.   

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I remember following this build at the start of the project. Lost it track of it since then but I sure have to take of my hat. What a beautiful looking room. It’s all in the details! It just breaths theater on those images[emoji2]!


One question though as I haven’t come across the spec list, which projector are you planning to install?



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